Parking Options

When parking anywhere in the city, do not leave items visible in the back or front seats. Always bring valuables with you, and lock everything else up in the trunk, out of sight.

1) Convenient Driveway Parking is Available!

For short stays, we can offer driveway parking for an additional rate. It is tandem parking, in the driveway in front of our garage. We ask that guests leave a set of spare car keys in a lock box so we can move the guest car when needed. If you don't have spare keys (for example, because it's a rental car), no worries .... just remember to put the keys in the lock box whenever you come back to the apartment.

Driveway measurementsIf you want to use the driveway parking space, you must be able to park the car within the dimensions provided below.---WIDTH: 102 inches (8 feet, 6 inches).--- This is the WIDTH OF THE DRIVEWAY. There are WALLS on each side of the driveway. Be sure that the width of your car (including side mirrors) allows you to park with enough room to get out on the driver's side. ---LENGTH: 200 inches (~16 ft).--- This is the maximum length of a car parking in the driveway. Be careful when choosing your rental car; some sedans are longer than you think.

COMMON LENGTHS OF VEHICLES (in inches)Toyota Corolla = Subaru Forester = 179. Volvo V70 XC Station Wagon = 186.

Toyota Camry = 189.

Mid-Size SUV (Mercury Mountaineer or Ford Explorer) = 190.

Kia Borrego = 192.

Compact Pick-up (Ford Ranger) = 189-204.

Buick Lacrosse = 198.

Chevy Impala = 200 (shown in picture above)

Chrysler Town & Country Minivan = 200 (in picture at left)


Too big: Ford Crown Victoria=212.

Full-Size Pick-Up (Ford F150)=213-232.

Chevy Suburban=222.

As shown in the photos, large vehicles such as a Chevy Impala and a Chrysler Town & Country Minivan can and do fit in the driveway space, but here's some advice: you'll have an easier time in the city if you bring a smaller vehicle. :)

We ourselves drive a Honda FIT; true to its name, it fits in the driveway space with plenty of room to spare, and it's perfect for city driving. :)

2) Street Parking

On the weekends, as long as you can find an empty space, you can use street parking in front of our house for free. During the week (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.), you can use it for 2-hour intervals on the street in front of our house. There are no parking restrictions (other than the weekly street cleaning) nearby on Dolores Street, which is just a half-block from our house.

If you're new to the city, please read the SFMTA's tips for parking legally in San Francisco.

If you plan to use street parking (for more than 2 hours at a time during the week), you can buy a visitor pass from the SFMTA. If you're thinking enough in advance, you can order it by mail. Or you can buy it in person, by waiting in line at the SFMTA office, after you get here. The visitor permit parking fees are noted on the SFMTA web site. Regardless of what it says on the web site, anyone can buy a visitor parking permit .... you do not need permission from a current resident. You just need proof of vehicle registration, and the address of where you would like to park on the street.

USE CAUTION when parking on the street. Please note the POSTED SIGNS for street cleaning. If your car is left parked on the street during street cleaning hours, you will get a ticket. Also be careful not to park in front of a fire hydrant, and be careful not to partially or fully block a neighbor's driveway or sidewalk, or your car my be ticketed or towed. (Again: See SFMTA's tips for parking legally in San Francisco.)

3) Bicycle Available with Storage

Note that we also have bike storage at SF Vacation Hut, for our car-free guests! And we now offer a bicycle with helmet, U-lock, and lights. You will need to sign a waiver form and pay an additional refundable deposit to use the bicycle.

See our Convenient Transport page for more information about bikes, walking, transit,and driving.

And don't forget to check out our Location Map.