From SF Vacation Hut, transportation by any mode imaginable is a breeze.

Walk 5 minutes to the J-Church Light Rail, or walk 10-15 minutes to the BART train (underground). BART will take you north to downtown in only FIVE MINUTES. (This is how Jeff and I travel to work each day; the trains come by every 3 or 4 minutes). You can also take BART south to SFO airport in 23 minutes, or under the Bay and into Oakland.

Rent bicycles and keep them secure in our Bike Storage Room. This amenity is available for our car-free guests. The online Bike Route Planner can be very helpful for planning bicycle trips to San Francisco's favorite tourist destinations and avoiding the hills. Another great bicycle resource is the MTC's web site with its new 511 BikeMapper application.

If you need advice on train / bus / ferry schedules, bike routes, and more, ask us. We are happy to help you "keep it cool and keep it green" with a car-free vacation. San Francisco's Bike Map, the SFMTA Muni Transit Map, and other guide books and resources are available in the apartment.

Driveway Parking (tandem style) is available; check the Driveway Parking link to be sure your car with fit comfortably. Longer-term guests are encouraged to purchase a visitor pass from the SFMTA, for neighborhood street parking. For more info, please see our Parking Options page.

Need a Car for Day Trips?

Jeff & Rachel use ZipCar for traveling outside the City. It's simpler than renting a car the traditional way ... no standing in line or filling out complicated forms .. and you get free gas!

It's more convenient, too, with tons of ZipCars within a 3-10 minute walk from SF Vacation Hut. Examples: St. Luke's Hospital, Valencia & 24th, Church & 24th (the links send you to maps and pictures of the shiny new cars at each location). With zipcar, you make the reservation over the internet, from your laptop or iphone/android .... then walk to the car's location .... tap your zipCARD at the zipCAR, to unlock the door ... then get in and go!

Other choices include RelayRides, City CarShare, GetAround, and RentMyCar. Renting with a car-share company is perfect for day trips to the Napa / Sonoma wine country, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, hiking at Mount Diablo or the Berkeley Hills, and so much more.

If you'd like to rent a car from the traditional car rental companies, you can take the J-Church or BART train to get downtown and then rent a car from one of the many companies located there.

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