Links & Resources

for more information about the Saab 340   


Saab Aircraft Leasing

The Official Site 


Saab 340 Jump seat DVD

A 117 min movie. Fly with a Corporate Express crew on a Calgary turn. The crew explains systems and procedures along the way.


Saab 340 Videos

Courtesy of the "Loudest Place on the Web!" 


Saab 340 Photos on

The one and only 


Saab 340 Flight Tracker - Saabs currently inflight   

Where's my Saab? 


Saab 340 FAA Airworthiness Directives 


Saab 340 NTSB Accident/Incident Reports

 The oops files.


Saab 340 Study Aid: Air Cards by Dauntless

 Resource for SF3 aviators.

Saab 340 study materials from AvSoft

 Resource for SF3 aviators.


SF3 Complete Production List (xls file)


Book: THE 340 STORY by Bo Sehlberg

How she came to be..... 


Book: Saab 340 Markings by Michael Magnusson

The Saab 340 showing her colors. 


SAAB 340 Facebook group   


Spirit of BEX Airlines

Former Saab operator 

....and just for laughs: