Where the heck did all this stuff come from?

The inform contained in this site is from numerous sources including:

  • several Saab 340 operating manuals
  • Saab Aircraft company sales brochures
  • the class notes and study cards from SF340 pilots
  • the much photocopied and disseminated through many a ground school "Saab for Dummies" attributed to Dave C. Bush
  • BEX Airlines training guide
  • General Electric CT7-9b maintenance training manual
  • Greg Meech, former Colgan Air SF3 pilot
  • Saab development & history from Wikipedia under the GNU free documentation license
  • CASA Australia

Photograph credits:

  • Jerome Dawson
  • Jimmy Justice
  • Thomas Lauer
  • Paul Maier
  • Sam Rudge
  • vintage Saab 340 sales materials
  • Google images

Many, many thanks to all the people, named and unnamed, who helped make this site possible with their input and contributions of study materials, ground school notes, Saab 340 photos or other contributions. If you have something you would like to have added to this site for other Saab pilots or fans, contact the webmaster.

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