Where the heck did all this stuff come from? 


Technical information 

The inform contained in this site is from numerous sources including: 

  • several Saab 340 operating manuals
  • Saab Aircraft company sales brochures
  • the class notes and study cards from SF340 pilots
  • the much photocopied and disseminated through many a ground school "Saab for Dummies" attributed to Dave C. Bush
  • BEX Airlines training guide 
  • General Electric CT7-9b maintenance training manual
  • Saab development & history from Wikipedia under the GNU free documentation license 
  • CASA Australia


Photograph credits:  

  • Jerome Dawson
  • Jimmy Justice 
  • Thomas Lauer
  • Paul Maier 
  • Sam Rudge
  • vintage Saab 340 sales materials 
  • Google images