Maximum Weights

Max Ramp 29,300 lbs

Max Takeoff 29,000 lbs

Max Landing 28,500 lbs

Max Zero Fuel 26,500 lbs

Maximum Airspeeds

Vmo 250kts (up to 16,000ft MSL)

Vmo 210kts (@ FL250)

Vleo 200kts

Vle 200kts

Vlor 150kts

Vra 190kts (up to FL210)

Vra Vmo minus 30 KIAS

Va 180kts

Vfe 175kts (7 or 15 degrees)

Vfe 165kts (20 degrees)

Vfe 140kts (35 degrees)

Vmcl 103 (Flaps 20 or 35, B+ model)

Vmcl 106 (Flaps 20 or 35, B model)

Operating Altitudes

Max operating altitude 25,000ft

Max T.O. & Landing altitude 8,000ft

Min T.O. & Landing altitude -1,000ft

Temperature Envelope for Take Off & Landing

Maximum 47°C (-1,000 - 1,500ft pressure altitude)

Maximum 33°C (@ 8,00ft pressure altitude)

Minimum -55°C

Operational Limits

Runway Slope

  • Takeoff -2% to +1.5%
  • Landing -2% to +2%

Load Limits

  • Flaps UP +2,75g to -1.0g
  • Flaps DOWN +2.0gto 0g

Tailwind Component

  • Max tailwind 10 knots

Fuel Limitations

Total useable fuel 5,690 lb (@6.7lb per gal)

Max fuel imbalance 200 lb

Max refueling pressure 50 psi

Under normal takeoff and landing operations, the X FEED switch must be off and the CONN VALVE must be closed.

Windshield Wiper Operation

Low Mode 130 kts

High Mode 160 kts

Air Conditioning & Pressurization Limits

Maximum differential cabin pressure 7.5 psi

Auto Mode maximum differential 7.1 psi

Max negative differential pressure -0.5 psi

Max differential pressure for landing 0.2 psi

Max Altitude for unpressurized flight 10,000ft

Electrical Limits

DC Generators

  • Maximum Load 600 amps (up to 5 minutes)
  • Nominal Load 400 amps

External Power

  • Max voltage 29.5 VDC
  • Max current 1600 amp for engine start
  • Min current 1200 amp for engine start

Main Batteries

  • NO BAT start 57°C
  • No Cross GEN start 61°C
  • Max temp for takeoff 64°C
  • BAT HOT 71°C
  • Min temp for take off -20°C
  • Min Temp for eng start -20°C

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