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The SAAB 340 is a twin-engine turboprop that was born from a partnership between Saab and Fairchild Aircraft. Originally, Saab built the fuselage and fin while Fairchild was responsible for the wings, empennage and engine nacelles. The final assembly came together in Linköping, Sweden. Designated as the SF340, the aircrafts maiden flight was on January 25th 1983. The first commercial operator was Crossair of Switzerland. When Fairchild left aircraft manufacturing in 1984, Saab was left alone to finish the project. "Fairchild" was  dropped from the aircrafts name and the designation was changed to 340A. An improved version, the 340B, was introduced in 1989 and the final version, the 340B Plus, included improvements that were being built into the Saab 2000 at that time was rolled out in 1994. 

The 340B succeeded the SF340A in production after aircraft no.159 (including three test examples) and is basically an improved version with minimal airframe changes. The main differences from the SF340A are:

• replacement of the 1735 hp CT7-5A2 engine with the 1870 hp CT7-9B.
• increase in MTOW from a maximum of 28,500 lb. to a maximum of 29,000 lb.
• installation of an automatic takeoff power control system (Automatic Power Reserve/"APR").
• an enlarged horizontal stabilizer to permit an extended aft c.g. range.

A further improved 340B Plus incorporated the following changes:
• Extended Wing Tips (2 ft.) - To improve short field and “hot and high” performance.
• Active Noise Control - to achieve a 6dB reduction in cabin noise.

The Saab 340 typically seats from 30 to 36 passengers, with 34 seats being the most common configuration. There were 459 aircraft built, the last coming off the assembly line in 1999. According to Saab Aircraft Leasing, there are still 420 340s (all variants) in service worldwide. As of Aug 2007 the fleet has accumulated 12.7m flight hours, 14.1 cycles, with the highest time aircraft at 46,500 hours! 


Saab 340 B/B+ technical info


Maximum taxi weight 29,300 lb
Maximum take-off weight 29000 lb
Maximum landing weight 28500 lb
Maximum zero fuel weight 26500 lb
Maximum payload 7500 lb
Maximum fuel capacity 5690 lb
Powerplant: 2 General Electric CT7-9B turboprops 1,750 shp each (1,870 w/APR)
Propellers: 4 blade Hamilton Standard, 14RF19 or Dowty-Rotol props
Propeller Speed (take-off) 1384 rpm
Propeller Speed (cruise) 1230 rpm

Maximum cruise speed 283 kts TAS
Maximum operating altitude 25,000 ft
Minimum takeoff distances:

@ MTOW, sea level with optimal flap setting

  • 4220 ft @ ISA
  • 4460 ft @ ISA +10
  • 4680 ft @ ISA + 20 

@ MTOW, 5000ft with optimal flap setting

  • 5245 ft @ ISA
  • 6215 ft @ ISA +10
  • 6690 ft @ ISA +20 (28,180lbs)

Minimum landing distance:

  •  3395 ft 

Payload Range:

  • @ max cruise 805nm
  • @ long range cruise  935nm 


Download the Saab 340B/B+ Specifications


Note: While much of the info in this site also pertains to the 340A, along with a few photos, any specifics or manufacturers limitations herein are for the B/B+ Model with GE CT7-9Bs.

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