BSA Centennial Celebrations

William D. Boyce found himself lost in the London fog, and a boy came to his aid. When the boy was offered a tip for his help, the boy turned it down saying that as a Boy Scout he couldn’t accept a reward for a good turn.

Curious, Boyce investigated this Boy Scout concept and eventually met with the founder of the Boy Scouts, Lord Robert Baden-Powell. Upon his return to America, he created the Boy Scouts of America. He incorporated the organization on February 8, 1910.

To celebrate the centennial, the BSA is throwing a year-long party. On New Year’s Day, the BSA sponsored a float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. The float, titled Celebrating the Adventure, Continuing the Journey, won the National Trophy Award for best depiction of life in the United States.

BSA also launched the “Adventure Base 100” mobile display campus. This 10,000 square foot interactive unit will travel the country this year with activities that provide a hands-on view of Scouting in America. The traveling unit will visit forty markets this year.

Awards and Activities for Scouts

In addition to celebration events for the public, Scouts will have an opportunity to earn special patches and awards. By completing fifteen requirements, three in each of five categories, the Scouts will earn ribbons for the Centennial patch. The five categories are service, achievement, character, outdoors and leadership.

Service is a big part of Scouting, so the community will benefit from a number of projects, both national and local this year. Look for food drives, Scouts out cleaning up the neighborhood trash or spruce up, paint and renew days.

Birthday celebrations will be everywhere. Scouts celebrate in February every year with dinners, award ceremonies and an annual Scout Sunday. This year’s celebrations will be even more joyous as the Boy Scouts of America remember their roots and look to the future of more adventure and service.

Why a Purpose-Driven Celebration?

Celebrating the impact that a century of Scouting has had on the lives of millions needs more than a single date on the calendar. So, we are launching a series of programs that span two years and invite everyone in America to get involved.

In addition to national engagement opportunities, BSA councils across America are bringing the anniversary celebration to life through unique local activities. The result? More engagement, new member and volunteer recruits, enhanced awareness of the value of Scouting ... a purpose-driven celebration.

Join us as we celebrate a 100-year-long tradition of adventure and continue our journey into the next century.BSA Alumni Connection

We're inviting our alumni to come back and make a new connection with the Boy Scouts of America. By registering at, Scouting alumni can learn how to become active and involved with BSA programs in their communities. Anyone who is, or ever has been, active with the BSA is invited -- from former Scouts to the tens of millions of Scouting supporters across America.

BSA 100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership

The BSA 100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership is a one- time opportunity to recognize and thank Scouts, their leaders, and Scouting volunteers (past and present) for the extraordinary difference they make in the lives of others through their demonstrated leadership. When the nomination period closes in April 2010, each BSA local council and the national office will forward 12 semi-finalists to a national judging panel. Ultimately, one inductee will be selected from each for this once-in-a-century honor.

Generations Connection

Generations Connection celebrates the legacy, and powerful impact, of Scouting on American families. It teaches Scouts to understand the value of their Scouting family tree and encourages first-generation Scouts to carry this special tradition forward. Through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, official BSA 100th Anniversary trees are now being offered. For each one sold, another will be planted in Montana, in an area recently designated as the BSA Centennial Forest.

Get in the Game!

Through Get in the Game! geocaching events, Scouts and non- Scouts alike will enjoy a fast-paced, high-tech treasure hunt. Players hide containers (called "caches") outdoors and post where they hid them online. Then, others seek out the goods using GPS navigation devices. When players find a cache, they go online to report what they found and their experiences during the search. It's fun, exciting, fast-paced, and a great way to share Scouting skills - - and outdoor adventure -- with the today's tech-savvy youth.

A Year of Celebration, A Century of Making a Difference

During our centennial, we honor the enormous impact made by a century of living by the Scout Oath and Law. By showing dedication to five of Scouting's core values, Scouts, leaders, and Scouting alumni can earn award ribbons that hang from the BSA 100th Anniversary commemorative patch. Those values are: Leadership, Character, Community Service, Achievement, and the Outdoors. As part of this program, the BSA is also partnering with national and international organizations to offer unique 100th Anniversary service projects.

Adventure Base 100

We're traveling across the country to give people an exciting, hands-on view of the history and future of the BSA. Rolling into more than 40 markets across America, the Adventure Base 100 truck unfolds into a 10,000 square foot campus of immersive Scout-related experiences: a ropes course, hands-on digital exhibits, a multi- sensory IMAX-like dome, stage, and much, much more! For those unable to go in person, a virtual Adventure Base 100 experience will be available.

Gala 2010: Celebrating a Century of Service

On February 9, 2010, the Boy Scouts of America will honor our 100th Anniversary at a special evening in our nation's Capitol. Impactful, reflective, and inspiring ... Gala 2010 will be a night to remember. Between the colossal Corinthian columns and archways of the National Building Museum's Great Hall, this elegant affair will be heightened by an inspirational journey across the first 100 years of Scouting. We will celebrate our great heritage and provide an unforgettable preview of Scouting's next century of service.

Pitch for Scouting

Major League Baseball is joining the BSA to celebrate our 100th Anniversary in major and minor league ballparks across the country. From the first pitch to the last out -- and everywhere in-between -- Scouts will be involved on the field and in the game. This program celebrates the heritage and shared values of both organizations like fun, fitness, and family. With national and local reach, Pitch for Scouting promises to put Scouting in the spotlight.

Jamboree 2010 and A Shining Light Across America

Over 43,000 Scouts and leaders will come together for Jamboree 2010--where adventure waits around every corner. This year, everyone can join the excitement. Using virtual hookups, we'll broadcast (and webcast) "A Shining Light Across America." This amazing stage show will transmit from the Jamboree to satellite locations across the country and bring back local participation from a few of the sites. This marks the first time in history that the entire Scouting family has come together for a single, nationwide opportunity to celebrate and reflect.Aug. 2008