Neighbors focused on the well-being of all fellow "Neighbors" in our rural area ...

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Neighborhood Watch:  A LIFESTYLE!!

Note:  Scotts Mills' program is unique in that it isn't a "block watch" which is most common.  SMNWCP operates within a community of about 350 people plus a large rural area served by Marion County Sheriff's Department.  There are multiple "neighborhood watch" clusters within the neighborhood watch' including in-town and rural - with neighbors in the area of Briar Knob Loop, up Crooked Finger Road (including Camp Dakota), in the Glen Cove neighborhood, and others.  Folks from within the city and the surrounding county roads attend regular meetings in town and participate in the Citizen Patrol.   We focus on being a team, diverse and inclusive - and focusing on the importance of helping each other out living in a safe environment.

If you don't have an active Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood and have an interest in starting up a program, I suggest you make contact with your local Sheriff's Department who has all the information you needed and would be happy to meet and work with you to get a local 'watch' off and running.

  • Scotts Mills (97375) is an incorporated city at the north end of Marion County, Oregon, United States. The population is approximately 370 within the city limits. It is two miles south of Marquam and Oregon Route 213, between Silverton and Molalla. Wikipedia

    The "weather station" referenced is just above the city at Latitude / Longitude: N 45 ° 2 ' 33 '', W 122 ° 39 ' 46 ''
    Elevation: 518     City: Scotts Mills       State: OR



2019 National Night Out - Tuesday, August 6th - 6PM - Scotts Mills County Park - 2020's will be August 4th!

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Thank you to our local neighbors, representation from our amazing Volunteer Fire Department, and the representation from Marion County Sheriff - including the amazing new and young K-9 Officer!  A special thank you to Bob & Joanie Berg for all of their work in setup and prep and to the County Parks Department (Russ Dilley and Crew) for helping get the park ready for us!  Food was great; Company was some new neighbors; visited with 'old'!  Plan now to attend in 2020:  August 4th!


Reserve the evening of Tuesday, August 6th for the "America's Night Out/National Night Out" Scotts Mills-area event! We'll be at the recently upgraded Scotts Mills County Park on Crooked Finger Road ... making use of the soon to be completed covered picnic area! There will be a set up of many new picnic tables, but feel free to bring a chair or blanket to sit on if you like.

If you're aware of new neighbor who may not yet be aware of the "Night Out" Event or the active Neighborhood Watch program, please share and invite them.

SMNW will provide hotdogs with fixings, and punch/water - and you should plan on bringing a favorite side dish, salad and/or dessert. We'll start up at 6PM; arrive as you can! The creek is such a popular place, especially for children, so you might come prepared with a towel or two in case you need them! (Remember that there is a 'life jacket' station at the County Park, emphasizing water safety)

We look forward to the community coming together so folks can get to know new neighbors and catch up with old friends.

We consider "Neighborhood Watch" a LifeStyle ... one where each and every one of our area neighbors believes in the importance of watching out for each other and reporting any questionable activities that are illegal and/or potentially harmful to our neighbors or the community.

By residing in the "Scotts Mills Area," you are part of an important community network! See you around 6PM on Tuesday, August 6th - Scotts Mills County Park on Crooked Finger Road!

I wanted to take a moment and share with all of you a "welcome" to our new Marion County Sheriff! Sheriff Joe Kast was sworn in July 1st, becoming the 40th Sheriff of Marion County. Sheriff Kast brings 27 years of public safety experience from both corrections and enforcement disciplines. Welcome, Sheriff Kast! Joe has been a terrific partner in community safety and in working with our Neighborhood Watch! Congratulations "Sheriff Joe!"


2018 National Night Out Report!  Thank you to Scotts Mills Volunteer Fire Department for stepping to the plate:
     The National Night Out event was a sweet success.  The crowd wasn't large, but there was a lot of interaction between long-time residents and new folks, with our Volunteer Fire Department handing the hot dogs and fixings, and setting up!  Thank you, Lt. Gerry Adcock from our team partner:  Marion County Sheriff's Department, and Rick Lewis (currently serving in the Oregon House of Representatives. He represents the 18th district, which covers southern Clackamas and northeastern Marion counties.) 

A presentation was made to thank Dave & Esther Fennimore for being such a major part of the community and especially with Neighborhood Watch and Citizen Patrol.  The presentation was made by Raleen to them in their home as they were unable to attend the event; but the certificate was read as part of the activities. 


Neighborhood Watch is an extremely important program, but, more than that, it is a Lifestyle!
The best of Neighbors are oft-times merely gentle spirits looking out for each other
and focused on the well-being of their own small community.
For those watching out for the "community" of Scotts Mills, "community" far exceeds the city limits! 
We emphasize Neighborhood Watch will always be a program of volunteers.
Citizen Patrol is usually a separate program, but for Scotts Mills area,
it is combined with the Neighborhood Watch. 
Patrols are scheduled daily - random with timing at the discretion of the volunteers. 
Most of the time, our rigs will be sporting the Neighborhood Citizen Patrol magnetic car signs ...  

"Neighborhood Watch programs and Citizen Patrol programs should be taken on as a "Lifestyle" ...
building on "Community" among neighbors and in partnership with local law enforcement, to include your County Sheriff's Department.

Your Rights as a Victim -



Important Emphasis - anything suspect, concerning, or obviously illegal: 
"You See It - You Call It In!
At no time, are you to put yourself at risk or in a position of confrontation."
Let Law Enforcement step in.
CONSISTENTLY DOCUMENT and REPORT - even if you have formed an opinion that 'nothing will be done.' 
The Squeaky Wheel gets noticed and the documentation may well be the difference that helps escalate handling.

Remember Law Enforcement, especially in Marion County, is limited in staff for some shifts and it is possible all will be out on 9-1-1 type incidents at the time you call in. You may not have an officer come out, but the issue will be documented by your call.

Life Threatening/Emergency -  ALWAYS:  9-1-1

City of Scotts Mills -
general information for City Hall: 

503-873-5435 (City Hall is at 265 4th Street)

no local law enforcement;
our partner is Marion County Sheriff's Office

Marion County
Non-Emergency Sheriff Dispatch 

"Marion County Sheriff’s Office asks anyone with information regarding non-life threatening suspect activity to call Dispatch or text anonymous information to TipMCSO at 847411."  
Telephone Line: Anonymous Tip Line
- 503-540-8079
(does not include "Drug House Complaints" - those should be directed to the Drug Activity Hotline)

Drug Activity Hotline - 503-588-5112
  Graffiti Reports - 503-566-6955
Suspected Poaching - 503-375-3555
Community Relations - 503-588-7981
Parole/Probation - 503-588-8492
Code Enforcement - 503-373-4333
Dog Control - 503-588-5366

Clackamas County

 Sheriff Dispatch -
Drug/Tip Hotline - 503-723-4949

Oregon State Police

Silverton Police Department (non-emergency)  -  503-873-5326
Mt. Angel Police Department (non-emergency) - 503-845-9294
Molalla Police Department (non-emergency) - 503-655-8211

If the event/report is in the Scotts Mills area, SMNWCP would appreciate being notified of any details so pertinent/helpful information can be shared with all of the active participants who can then share it with area neighbors not currently on the contact list.  If you are aware of folks (new or long-time residents) who would like to be included in the SMNWCP communications, please have them contact me with their information.Thanks!
Raleen Hungate  -      503-873-5563
  Scotts Mills Neighborhood Watch & Citizen Patrol
      c/o PO Box 328, Scotts Mills 97375-0328


"Neighborhood Watch" and "Citizen Patrol" are not just programs, they are a way of life and a sharing of consistent concern about your "neighbors" who can literally be "anyone," "anywhere," "any time."  These are time-proven programs which, even if only publicized with signage, discourage crime in a community. Neighbors learn to watch out for each other and consistently, and with a direct purpose, report suspicious activity. In today’s environment of fewer officers and more crime, the simplest of all methods to prevent crime is to get citizens more actively involved. It's in Your Hands and Heart - to become involved in


For those of us actively participating in the long-established Scotts Mills program, we have never considered our community, our neighborhood to just be within the city limits of our hamlet.  If Scotts Mills is your town, you're our neighbors, our neighborhood.  We feel that should be an inclusive relationship for each "community."  Unlike most Neighborhood Watch Groups, we don't have just a few blocks ... we "watch" and"patrol" in town and some very rural areas of North Marion County and part of South Clackamas County.

                                                   In 2005, Scotts Mills was a primary "filming site" of the Hallmark Movie, "The Valley of Light" which was broadcast on a Sunday evening Hallmark Special (CBS) early in 2007.  Use this link to view it online.


Recommendations to assist area residents in being informed: 

  1. Check out "METCOM 9-1-1 (Marion Area Multi-Agency Emergency Telecommunications - and the Public Safety Partnership)
  2. Monitor Marion County's "Crime Map"  for any activity in our area 
  3. Monitor Clackamas County's "Crime Data Map" to learn of any activity in our area.  (Clackamas County is "just across the creek" and part of the 97375 Scotts Mills Zip Code is in Clackamas County.)
  4. Sign up with "AlertID" to stay informed about your Neighborhood and posted area alerts.
  5. To check on "burning" dates and safety in burning, visit the Silverton Fire District's site which includes the toll-free number for updating. 
  6. On Facebook, we encourage area residents "like" and "follow" Silverton Fire District and MetCom 911.  As they update with important information, Facebook "friends" receive notification as well.

METCOM911 can be an exceptional alert system and tool for all residents in the areas served. 

"METCOM911' works in partnership with our locals:  Silverton PD, Mt. Angel PD, Silverton Fire District ... any many more.

Thank you for taking a few moments to peruse our site ...

Twice a year (once in spring; once in fall) - Road Clean-up
g at the Community Center. 
The next will take place in the spring of 2020!


KEEPING THINGS "GREEN AND CLEAN." SMNW/CP has a long-standing "contract" with Marion County Roads, having adopted the stretch of road from the city limits to the Lone Pine intersection on Hwy 213.  We co-host two events (one in the spring; one in the fall).  These are scheduled on a Saturday; we usually start up at 9AM and meet at the Community Center to get our assigned area.  Depending on how many volunteers show up (all ages are welcome), we set a goal of also checking on and picking up at the County Park, the City Park, and in-town roads!  If you have any questions, just contact us. Otherwise, watch for notices in your city water bill, the Our Town mailing, at the Scotts Mills Market or in the Mt. Angel Shopper.
                            Better yet, drop in at a monthly meeting!

In May 2018, Marion County recognized Scotts Mills Neighborhood Watch for hitting the 20 year mark of being part of the Adopt-A-Road project! Thank you to those who have participated over the years and continue to do so! Bob and Joni Berg attended as the current coordinators of the events and were presented a certificate which has been framed and is on display in the Community Center!
Way to go, Neighbors!! 

The October 2019 Fall Road Clean-up Report:  We had a nice turnout for the road clean-up.  12 adults plus some young children that went with their parents on the city streets.

Dedicated volunteers act solely as helpful/additional eyes and ears of law enforcement while striving to keep neighbors informed and alert.  It is common for NW and CP volunteers to visit with neighbors, draw attention to potential or known concerns, and become a "hub" for education regarding safety and crime prevention ... while adhering to the Sheriff Liaisons' emphasis we are not to confront nor even carry such things as baseball bats on our patrols.  The ideal "patrol" is made up of two volunteers ... not "solo."  With that in mind, "neighborhood watch" can be done from your window, your front porch, your walking pattern, your vehicle.  Being a Neighbor and Watching out for each other does not require participation on a "citizen patrol" be that by vehicle or on foot.  Whatever you're doing in the concept of Neighborhood Watch or Citizen Patrol, never put yourself at risk!  That's a task the sheriff and police forces take on ... Call it in !!

Scotts Mills relies on the services of and our partnership with
the Marion County Sheriff's Office. 


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