Important Emphasis -
Any One or Any "Thing" suspect, concerning, or obviously illegal: 

"You See It - You Have The First-Hand Knowledge - You Call It In!"

At no time, are you to put yourself at risk or in a position of confrontation."
As local citizens, our role is to act as the eyes and ears,
and oft times 'the voice' of Law Enforcement. 
Make the Call and, for record as well as for safety,
give your partner Law Enforcement Agency control of 'enforcement.'

Consistently DOCUMENT and REPORT -
even if you have formed an opinion that 'nothing will be done.' 
The Squeaky Wheel gets noticed and the documentation may well be the difference that helps escalate handling.

MCSO can't be of any assistance if they don't have some documentation - even if you consider it 'not much' information.  You may be an 'additional caller' on an activity that provides a bit more to help them with their handling of the issue.

Remember Law Enforcement, especially in Marion County, is limited in staff for some shifts and it is possible all will be out on 9-1-1 type incidents at the time you call in. You may not have an officer come out, but the issue will be documented by your call.

Life Threatening/Emergency -  ALWAYS:  9-1-1

City of Scotts Mills -
general information for City Hall: 

503-873-5435 (City Hall is at 265 4th Street)

The city has no local law enforcement; our partner is MCSO.

Marion County 
Sheriff Dispatch  - 503-588-5032

"Marion County Sheriff’s Office asks anyone with information regarding non-life threatening suspect activity to call Dispatch or text anonymous information to TipMCSO at 847411."  

Telephone Line: Anonymous Tip Line
- 503-540-8079
(does not include "Drug House Complaints" - those are to be directed to the Drug Activity Hotline)

Drug Activity Hotline - 503-588-5112
  Graffiti Reports - 503-566-6955
Suspected Poaching - 503-375-3555
Community Relations - 503-588-7981
Parole/Probation - 503-588-8492
Code Enforcement - 503-373-4333
Dog Control - 503-588-5366
Clackamas County Sheriff

Clackamas County
 Sheriff Dispatch - 503-655-8211
Drug/Tip Hotline - 503-723-4949

Oregon State Police


Other Local Police Contact Information

Silverton Police Department (non-emergency)  -  503-873-5326
Mt. Angel Police Department (non-emergency) - 503-845-9294
Molalla Police Department (non-emergency) - 503-655-8211

If the event/report is in the Scotts Mills area, SMNWCP would appreciate being notified of any details so pertinent/helpful information can be shared with all of the active participants who can then share it with neighbors not currently on the contact list.  If you are aware of folks (new or long-time residents) who would like to be included in the SMNWCP communications, please have them contact me with their information.Thanks!
Raleen Hungate  -  smnwcp@gmail.com
  Scotts Mills Neighborhood Watch & Citizen Patrol
      c/o PO Box 328, Scotts Mills 97375-0328