"Neighborhood Mapping" - what is it and how do I participate?

Fellow Scotts Mills-Area Residents:


In line with Marion County Citizen Corps and projects focused on Disaster Preparedness, a “Mapping Your Neighborhood” Project is underway in the Scotts Mills area.  The project, in part, asks residents to advise what equipment or skills they have that could be put to use in the case of a local disaster.  You may not think of yourself as having skills that could be used in a ‘community emergency,’ but even having a well stocked pantry can be surprisingly helpful!  Or having a room that could be warm, dry, and comforting for someone temporarily displaced. “Mapping” also provides some contact information relative to volunteers assisting others.  A prime example:  If there was an emergency situation involving your residence, are there elderly or ‘handicapped’ individuals or small children that would perhaps need additional help?  Are there pets that may need to be ‘rescued’ or moved temporarily? 


The following information will be helpful as we look at developing a reference tool  for the City, the Volunteer Neighborhood Watch/Citizen Patrol, and the Volunteer Fire Department.


Please complete the following and drop it off at 401 Crooked Finger Road, or mail it to:              



Scotts Mills Neighborhood Watch

Attn:  Raleen

PO Box 328

Scotts Mills, OR 97375-0328


Thank you !


Neighborhood “Mapping” Tool for Scotts Mills

Confidential – for Emergency Use

Who “Knows What?  Can Do What?  Has What?


Today’s Date: __________


We have:

¨     First Aid Supplies

¨     Tents/Spare Bedding

¨     Chain Saw

¨     Generator

¨     Fire Extinguisher

¨     Camp Stove

¨     Walkie-Talkie

¨     NOAA Weather Radio

¨     Ladder

¨     Crow Bar

¨     Strong Rope

¨  Ax

¨  Heavy Duty Equipment (please list ________________________________________)

¨ Fire Wood (well-stocked and can share)

¨ Pantry items (well-stocked and can share)

¨ Field space for displaced Livestock

¨ Pet Kennel ___ small ___ med ___ large

¨ Can temporarily house pets (type ____________)

¨ Vehicles for transporting livestock

¨ Fuel - Type _______________________

¨ ADA vehicles

¨ ADA accessible residence

¨ HAM Radio (operator ________________)

¨ Potential temporary housing for ______ (#) of people

¨ Other ______________________________________


We have experience/skills in:

¨     First Aid  -  Name _______________

¨     Child Care – Name ______________

¨     Elder Care – Name ______________

¨     Search & Rescue – Name _________

¨     Crisis Counseling – Name _________

¨     Plumber – Name ________________

¨     Carpenter – Name  ______________

¨     Electrician – Name ______________

¨     Fire Fighting – Name ____________

¨ EMT/Physician/Nurse - Name ____________

¨ Veterinarian - Name _________________

¨     Coordinating and Organizing  - Name _________________________

¨ "Other" - define _________________________



Street name _____________________________

           House # __________________________

Closest Cross Street ______________________

Adult(s) Names (including last names)



Children’s Name(s)



Best Phone




Pet(s) and Kind (s) - please note whether indoor or outside



Any person with specific needs (in case of an emergency):