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● [06/10/2021] [New] 9th AGORA Workshop to be announced soon! [Read more]

This news item will be updated as we "officially" announce the 9th AGORA Workshop in August 2021, and send out the solicitation emails for registration. Stay tuned!

to be filled

● [06/09/2021] [New] AGORA websites relaunched! [Read more]

This news item will be updated as we "officially" launch the two new websites --- AGORA public front ( and AGORA Workspace ---, along with the email announcement for AGORA Paper III and the 9th AGORA Workshop in August 2021. Stay tuned!

to be filled

● [06/04/2021] [New] AGORA Paper III introducing the 7-code comparison of high-resolution cosmological simulations is now accepted in the ApJ! [Read more]

This news item will be updated as we post the paper on the arXiv and "officially" announce it via the Project mailing list. Stay tuned!

to be filled

● [08/06/2020] Postponing this year's AGORA Workshop [Read more]

Dear AGORA Colleagues,

First of all, we hope everyone is doing well in this time of uncertainty. As many of you know from our regular telecons for Paper “CosmoRun”, we have come to an agreement that we will hold our next AGORA Workshop when the draft of Paper “CosmoRun” is ready and when the scopes and strategies of the next Papers can be discussed. The workshop's format will very likely be online, and it will be announced on this mailing list in a timely fashion.

For the ongoing efforts towards Paper “CosmoRun” spearheaded by Santi Roca-Fabrega and many of our tireless code leaders, see its Workspace: The group leading this effort has had 24 meetings/telecons in the past ~3 years! If you haven’t, you may talk to Santi or Ji-hoon for the recent analysis results, how to contribute to this effort, etc. Any code representative who is not participating in the current "CosmoRun” comparison is especially welcomed!

For the Papers in the next stage — Papers “CGM”, “HighresRun”, “Clumps”, and more — see their relevant Workspaces and/or You may talk to Ji-hoon with any question or suggestion.

We wish you and your family all the strength in this strange and uncertain times. Thank you very much as always for your continued interest and participation in AGORA!


Joel, Santi, and Ji-hoon on behalf of the AGORA Steering Committee

● [07/21/2020] The second life of the AGORA disk simulations [Read more]

Dear All,

I've been asked to share with you an unexpected by product of our AGORA disk simulation.

Maybe some of you have recognized its short apparition in the video presenting the SDSS/eBOSS data release published yesterday:

Note that a 3D-360-VR (google cardboard) version of this film exists:

Finally, here are two face on view of the evolving AGORA disk alone:

(downloadable files also available at:


Yves Revaz

● [01/02/2020] Public release of AGORA isolated disk simulation snapshots [Read more]

Dear AGORA Colleagues,

How are you, and happy new year to you all! As many of you know, a group of people including Santi, Ji-hoon, and Joel have been preparing the public release of the isolated disk simulation snapshots from our Paper II ( A “Quick Links” page was built on the Project’s public webpage, which includes the simulation snapshots (on Google Drive) and many other useful resources provided by AGORA — e.g., common analysis scripts in yt used to obtain the diagnostics in Paper II, isolated and cosmological ICs, links to the key softwares, etc.: [click Tools+Data tab]

The following short release note has also been prepared to be posted on the arXiv on Jan. 14 (expected; but not to be submitted to any peer-reviewed journal). If you have any last-minute comment, please feel free to let us know by no later than Jan. 8.:,

Please let us know if you have any comment/feedback. Thank you very much for your attention, and for all your contribution to keeping the spirit of AGORA!

With best wishes,

Santi, Ji-hoon, and Joel on behalf of those who prepared the public release of the AGORA isolated disk simulation data

● [08/14/2019] Wrapping up the 8th AGORA Workshop [Read more]

Dear AGORA Colleagues,

Great thanks to all those who contributed to another very interesting Workshop this year! It was indeed full of fun and very productive.

A summary of the discussions during the Workshop can be found below. As you may notice, we made various strategic changes to deliver best science in the coming months. Important items that require your attention are in red color:

- Workshop Discussion Agenda:

- Paper “CosmoRun” + Paper “CGM” :

- Paper “HighresRun” + Paper “Clumps” :

ACTION ITEMS for Paper “CosmoRun” and Paper “CGM” participants: Participants of the Paper “CosmoRun” and Paper “CGM” are particularly encouraged to take a careful look at the docs above. A separate email will be sent by Santi to those running the simulations to schedule the next monthly telecon, among others.

ACTION ITEMS for Paper “Disk” code leaders: A separate email will be sent by Ji-hoon to code leaders of our published, isolated disk comparison paper (a.k.a. Paper II or Paper "Disk") to discuss the public release of the simulation data.

Thank you all very much for your continuing interest in AGORA!


Joel, Ji-hoon, and Santi on behalf of the AGORA Steering Committee

● [07/08/2019] Registration and payment for the 8th AGORA Workshop (Aug. 9-10, 2019) [Read more]

Dear AGORA Colleagues,

As we announced earlier this year, we are again happy to have the 8th Workshop of the AGORA Project at UC Santa Cruz, Aug. 9-10, 2019. We apologize for the late email about registration and payment, as we have been coordinating with the Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop.



This year’s AGORA Workshop will be Aug. 9-10 right after the Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop, Aug. 5-9. On Friday 9, the AGORA Workshop and the Galaxy Workshop will hold joint sessions on high-resolution galaxy simulations. On Saturday 10, we will have working sessions for Papers “CGM” and “Clumps", and a brainstorming session on Collaboration-wide topics. Many of the Paper Group leaders and code leaders will join us in person and online during the Workshop!

- More information about the 8th AGORA Workshop:

- Latest progress report on planned Papers (being updated; log-in required):

- More information about the Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop:

If you wish to participate in the ongoing efforts of Papers “CGM” and/or “Clumps”, but haven’t heard about the recent telecons and updates, please contact the Project Coordinator, Ji-hoon Kim (



Please fill out the registration ASAP no later than July 21 if you wish to attend this year's Workshop — in person or online. Please do so even if you have already signed up for the separate Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop, so we can have an accurate head count for planning. If you’d like to participate online, please do fill out the form so we can send you a Hangout invite. There is a $50 registration fee to cover the meals and logistics on Saturday 10.

- Registration: (note: different from the Galaxy Workshop questionnaire)

- Payment: (note: different from the Galaxy Workshop payment)

Please forward this message to anyone potentially interested. Thank you very much!


Joel Primack and Ji-hoon Kim on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee and the AGORA Steering Committee

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