how to start

program save to folder closest

to the root directory, for example. c: \ ryder


type new user and password (could by empty).


Then O.K.

only the first user could save.

new user add in main form.

creating new device

click to combo box device and type new device.

otherwise type label information and save

maintenance plan

if device need periodical maintenance then check day, week, month or year and double-click on text-field above.

now type maintenance. be sure to type correctly , therefore program will be searching this one.

then save , day, week, month or year must be check


record new done maintenance

if new record is from periodically maintenance, check day or week or month or year from text-field.

if you use spare parts then select them from spare parts text field.

then click to button PEN.

if the record is out plan then type maintenance to text field nearby button PEN.

Control done maintenance

check interval day, week, month or year click to button graph (1.)

Blue is done and red undone maintenance for one device.

if you want for all device check it before button press.

for write maintenance check undone item from red field or click to select all and then click on button red PEN

for cancel click to or doubleclickon free form

creating report to print

first select a maintenance schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) also filtered the last day, week, month, year

I recommend to choose for daily filter for one month

the filter weekly recommended to opt for a month or a year

for monthly advised to choose a filter from year-to

then press report

if you have all the equipment in a report or export to Excel uncheck them.

done maintenance is mark as "l" or you can change in options.


graphical representation of the number of records to date, or user.

click to

and displays two graphs.

column shows the number of records to date

circular number of records for each user in the selected period.

setup user permision for devices.

first time set admin password press O.K.

Click again and now input your admin password.

Now you have completely viewing of devices permission

after ok click on save button.