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2016 Printable site list is now available

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RVDA Whisky Galore Event

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August Bank Holiday weekend 2014

I've spotted a few whisky drinkers among our members. 

Without mentioning any names you will see numerous bottles of whisky brought out on many a meet, generously offered to the connoisseurs among you and to those who just wish to have a taste.

I have often wondered what the appeal of it really is and I recon I’m not the only one.

I suggest we hold a Whiskey tasting evening, one evening during the August bank holiday meet.

I’ll take responsibility to organize the event

I suggest the format be, anyone wishing to taste must bring a 70cl bottle of decent sipping whisky with them.

Let’s say 1 x 70cl bottle per couple, be that husband and wife or two friends, If you are on your own a half bottle will be OKay. We want to make sure everyone gets a taste.  You can bring more if you are feeling generous as well.

Do not bring any of the cheap branded rubbish, which is only any good with a mixer.   You will be disappointed if I turn you away on the evening. 

Tip, I'm told Tesco have a good selection of single malts. 

Each couple/ individual will be expected to introduce their whisky, pour everyone a dram and as we nose and sample it, tell us of its origin, the character and any interesting facts or stories around that particular whisky.  You can get most of this information off the label of course but a quick Google of the whiskey may uncover some interesting facts too.

Those among you who enjoy a dram and those who have been given a nice bottle of whisky for Christmas or birthday and been saving it for a rainy day.  Bring it along to share, taste what others have brought and find out what real whisky is all about.

So we don’t get too many duplicates, could those wishing to participate let me know the whiskey you are bringing.

I’ll post a list on the website and on facebook and keep them up to date.

I'll start the list off

Ardbeg 10 year Old Malt


Garth Marsden (Webmaster)

The Tour de France

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RVDA will be hosting a Rally close to the two Yorkshire stages of this years Tour de France.

Yes the Tour de France does pass through Great Britain!

Church Farm CP. Bishop Monkton, Harrogate.
Full details of the location can be found on the RVDA Meets page.

This is indeed exciting news for all the cycling enthusiasts among you.  Bishop Monkton is a 20 minute drive, from Harrogate. 
Commercial sites are filling up fast but you can still secure a pitch close to the action with Roch Valley DA.

Call Ian Tyrer on 0776 6188797 to secure your pitch now.

Stage 1
Saturday 5th of July 
Starts in Leeds and finished in Harrogate.

Stage 2
Sunday 6th of July
Starts in York, Passes through Harrogate then finished in Sheffield.

For more information on this exciting event visit

AGM - St Anne's Cricket Club (Friday 28th Feb to Sunday 2nd Mar)

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Dear all,

This weekend we will be holding our AGM at 2 p.m. on Saturday afternoon at St Anne's Cricket Club. I urge all of you to come along as it is an opportunity for everyone to voice their ideas and opinions on the way we are doing things and ideas for the future running of the DA.


Do you have thoughts on:


Rally Weekend activities.

Youth or children's activities.


DA spending.

DA equipment.

Fund raising.

Coffee mornings.


New Rally sites.

Rally entertainment.

The committee.

Recruitment to rallying.


Or any other matter that is of importance to you. Please come forward and take this opportunity to openly discuss your thoughts...mumbling in the background won't help you or anyone else!!


Further, our committee is losing some members, we require people to come on the committee and ensure a voice is heard throughout the year about all ongoing matters. If you are interested and haven't yet placed your name down for nominations then either please inform Mark Sharples our secretary or come along on Saturday and place your name on the nominations sheet. There are only 4 committee meetings a year so its not such a great burden. The more people "muck" in the easier it is for all to get through all the formalities of running the DA.


I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible and if you can't attend please send your apologies to Mark


Best regards

Ian Tyrer

2014 season.

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2014 season is fast approaching. Thank you to all members who give up there time to steward and help out. Without you we would not be able host our meets.

A big Thank you to to our sites officer, Wayne Jones for arranging all this years meets and  booking all the up and coming meets for 2014.  It's not and easy job and your time is much appreciated.

As always steward are required to host out meets.  Stewards are only required to take the site fees and site units as required. Organising activities is not a requirement but you are more than welcome to organise something if you wish. New stewards are always welcome and support will be given to first time stewards. 
Note: Stewards hosting a meet camp for free.

Please take a look at the up and coming meets for 2014.  It you feel you would like to steward a particular meet please contact our chairman Ian Tyrer by Email or via the Contact Us web page.

The RVDA Meets calendar will be updated with meet details and directions in due course.

RVDA 2014 meets

Roch Valley DA meet Tunley Moss 2nd -4th August.

posted 8 Jul 2013, 11:16 by Roch Valley

This meet is a BOOKED MEET but has not been listed as so in the O&A. Please be advised that contact details for the meet are listed at

Roch Valley DA THS Spital Farm Kendal 12th-28th July.

posted 8 Jul 2013, 11:14 by Roch Valley   [ updated 8 Jul 2013, 11:15 ]

This THS is not listed in the North West Area of the July issue O&A but has mistakenly been placed int he North East Region of the magazine. The THS will be taking place as scheduled and as listed!

Printable RVDA Meet Flyer Now available

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