For those who are new to, or don't even know what Rally Camping entails, we've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I camp on a Roch Valley rally?

    • It is much cheaper than using commercial sites. Everyone owns their own unit so we are all like minded people. You may make new friends as we have activities, events and social gatherings at our meets to which, as a member of the club, you are always welcome.

What is a DA?

    • The Camping and Caravanning Club is organised into Regions (such as North West) and each Region into District Associations (DAs - such as Roch Valley). Each DA elects its own committee, raises its own funds and arranges camping and caravanning meets (Rallies), events and associated social activities.

Do I have to be a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club to camp with a DA?

    • Yes, anyone attending a DA Meet must be a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club and you will be asked to show a valid membership card when you attend a meet.

My membership card says I am a member of another DA. Can I camp with any DA?

    • Yes, you can camp with any DA. Your membership card tells you which DA you are a member of and this gives you voting rights at their meetings. In the first instance, your DA membership is determined by your home postcode but you can opt-in to another DA, if you wish, by contacting the secretary of that DA who will apply to Club HQ on your behalf.

Do you have any rules?

    • Yes but these are simply in the interest of the safety and comfort of fellow campers.
      • 1. Membership cards must be shown on request.
      • 2. All pets to be kept under control and on a 2m lead while onsite.
      • 3. 20ft / 6m between units.
      • 4. 5mph speed limit to be observed on site.
      • 5. All outside noise to cease between 11pm and 7am.
      • 6. All rubbish to be taken home. (Unless otherwise instructed by the landowner)
      • 7. Campers to provide own sanitation.
      • 8. Caravan or cars being towed on or of by any vehicle will be at caravan or car owners own risk.
      • 9. Ball games and kites are NOT allowed near units, so as not to cause damage.
      • 10. No filling or rinsing of toilet at drinking water tap

Are tents allowed?

    • Yes, tents and all types of units are welcome as long as they are designed for overnight accommodation.

Are toilets available?

    • Normally there are no toilet or shower facilities available and therefore you must provide your own. Sometimes we camp on land owned by a commercial or certificated sites which have these facilities but this is on the understanding we do not use them unless express permission is given. This is one of the main reasons we pay a lot less for camping.

Are dogs allowed?

    • Yes, as long as they are kept under control, on a lead no more than 2m long, exercised off site and the owner cleans up after them.

Can we just turn up at a meet?

    • Yes, in the vast majority of cases. Occasionally, mainly due to space restrictions, we ask campers to pre-book. However if you are new to DA camping and are unsure we suggest you contact us beforehand. We also suggest that you make this known to the steward on arrival so that they can give you that extra bit of help if required.

How long does a meet last?

    • Weekend meets usually start on Friday and finish on Sunday. However meets can last up to 5 days starting for example on Thursday. Bank holiday weekends are usually 5-day meets. There are also special meets called Temporary Holiday Sites (THS), which typically last for 10 days or more.

When can I arrive/leave?

    • We usually ask that no unit arrives before 2pm on the first day of a meet. As for leaving, unlike commercial sites where you have to be off by 10am so they can “fill your pitch”, there is not usually any urgency to leave so you get the benefit of a full last day.

What is a Steward?

    • The Steward(s) is a member of our DA who has volunteered to look after the meet. They take on the responsibility for collecting site fees and liaising with the site owner. They sometimes arrange small events on site and can usually offer advice on the local area. They also have the authority to ensure campers adhere to basic rules.

Do you cater for all age groups?

    • Yes. We have members of all ages, backgrounds and interests: families with young children, families with older children who can join our junior and senior youth section, couples, singles, and retirees.

Are there electric hook-ups?

    • Very rarely. Electric hook-ups are available occasionally but are limited. Where they are available, they will be allocated strictly on a first-come first-served basis.

How long will my Leisure Battery Last?

    • For most meets a good 12v leisure battery is adequate to last over a weekend.
    • The majority of new Caravans and MotorHomes are fitted with solar panels varying from 60 - 150 watts. These are essential to keep your units battery 'topped up', keeping the essential lighting/heating and water pumps operational for your comfort.
    • Solar panels have, over the past few years become an essential part of Camping with a Caravan, Motor Home or even a trailer tent or Tent. Sometimes taking a spare battery is worth considering for the TV. It all depends on how much you use the TV.

Can I use my own generator?

    • We discourage the use of generators because of the noise nuisance they can cause to other campers. However we appreciate there are sometimes valid reasons for their use and we do our utmost to be understanding and reasonable. The steward must be consulted before you use, or are likely to use, a generator. He may ask that you pitch in an area, if available, where you are unlikely to cause annoyance and/or agree with you certain times for their use which would minimise disturbance to others.

How do I know how to get to a meet?

    • Read the published directions in the Out & About separate section of your club magazine and compare them to a good road map or Sat-nav map. Use Sat-Navs with care. Postcodes do not often pinpoint the site in a country area. When permissible we display “RVDA” direction signs local to the site. Turn-by-turn direction information can also be found on the this web site, ROCH VALLEY DA LIST OF MEETS 2019

My question is not covered here who can I ask?

    • No doubt there is something we have missed! Contact details are published in the Out and About section of the club magazine and many areas of this site. Please do not hesitate to ask, we will do our best to answer.

RVDA Contact:

Chris Riding (Chairman) 07753 980456


Mark Sharples (Secretary) Tel: 01254 774823

E-mail: msharples@rvda.info