Agnews East Campus

Status: Purchased by SCUSD and San Jose Parks

Acres: 81 acres

Units: K-12 school + about 30 acres parkland

Events: Ongoing Planning Meetings

Details: RONA's Agnews Details Page

Seely Avenue Project

aka: "Tsukuda Farm" or "Tsukuda Fruit Stand"

Location: 2620 Seely Ave San Jose, CA 95109

Acres: 22.2 acres

Currently in escrow with the Hanover Company

The Hanover Company formally submitted an application for a Planned Development Rezoning on 10/5/2021.

Details: RONA's Seely Avenue Project Page

Crescent Village

aka: "Sony" -- 3300 Zanker

Status: Now Leasing

Events: Community Meeting, October 8, 2008, 9:00am (meeting notice)

Acres: 38.25, 5-acre "crescent" park

Units: 1900 apartments

Leasing Website:

Details: RONA's Crescent Village Project Details Page


aka: "formerly Cadence" -- 555 River Oaks Parkway

Status: Phase I & II now leasing, Phase III permits started

Events: Community Update Meeting, Monday, November 21, 2011 7:00pm, 3960 N. 1st St. (Novellus Auditorium)

Acres: 14.5 acres, of which 2.6 acres is a park

Units: 785 apartments

Leasing Website:

Details: RONA's Epic Project Details Page


aka: "Next to Parkside" -- 401 and 405 River Oaks Parkway

Status: Fully built

Events: various meetings about Tree Removal during Dec 2012

Acres: 8.1 acres

Units: 438 apartments (rezoning will allow up to 450)

Developer's Website: Irvine Company

Details: RONA's Verona Project Details Page


Status: Changes on Cisco Properties along Tasman

Permit: GP09-04-02 and H12-007


  • July 11, 2012 update: Cisco is building 2 new parking structures, (239,000 square feet and 225,000 square feet) on existing surface parking lots at 400 East Tasman Drive (southside of Tasman, between Zanker and Cisco Way). File permit H12-007.

  • June 2, 2010 update: staff report.

  • The application asks for:

    • the removal of the Transit/Employment Residential District Overlay and Floating Park designations on a 33.6 gross acre site located on Cisco Way, north of River Oaks Parkway, and

    • the addition of a Transit/Employment Residential District Overlay and Floating Park designation on a 33.6 gross acre site located on the south side of W. Tasman Drive, approximately 900 feet easterly of Lick Mill Blvd. (See meeting notice for a map.)

  • Community Meeting, October 6, 2009, 6:30pm (meeting notice)

Nimble Storage

aka: NW Corner of River Oaks Parkway at Cisco Drive, 251 ROP

Owner: Bixby Land Company

Acres: 3.6 acres

Units: 165k sqft office being remodelled


  • 4/23/2013: Looks like Nimble Storage has leased the office, from bizjournal source.

  • Update 3/14/2012: looks like this is staying offices for now, the company is remodeling: brochure.

  • Preliminary review request PRE07-190 (now cancelled): This is Irvine trying out plans to expand north of River Oaks, with the 1-acre extension park.


aka: NE corner of River Oaks Parkway at Zanker Road

Status: Under Construction, will complete Winter 2013

Events: Community Meeting on 199 ROP -- June 26, 2012

Acres: 2.75 acres

Units: 293 units

Leasing Website:

Details: RONA's Aire Project Details Page

3200 Zanker

aka: previously Lockheed Martin

Status: Construction Planned

Acres: 24 acres

Units: high-density office space

Details: RONA's 3200 Zanker Project Details Page

Verdant and Venue

aka: Northpointe, aka 3801 Tasman at Zanker

Status: Leasing and Under Construction

Acres: 10.1

Units: 704 apartments, approx 61 du/ac

Leasing Website: and

Details: RONA's Verdant and Venue Project Details Page

121 Tasman

aka: NE corner of Baypointe and Tasman (aka 166 Baypointe)

Status: Now Leasing

Acres: 2.86

Unites: 174 apartments, 6000 sqft retail

Leasing Website:


  • PDC07-080 and PD08-023 had: 229 apartments, 6,000 sqft retail, 83 du/ac, average 1 parking spot per unit


aka: 163, 169, 175 Baypointe Pkwy

Status: Under Construction

Acres: 3.16

Units: 183 apartments

Details: RONA's Enso Project Details Page


aka: Hwy 237 at N 1st St.

Status: Open for business, finishing construction

Acres: 36.3

Units: 73,000 square foot shopping center and a 170 room hotel on 9.8 acres and 880,000 sqft for Brocade's new headquarters (so far)

Details: RONA's @First Project Details Page

River View and Brandon Park

aka: 3469 N 1st St. (formerly Wyse)

Status: Under Construction

Acres: 32.6

Units: Units: ~1300 units + 400, 26,000+ square feet of retail space, 5 acre park, 3 acres of private courtyards

Details: RONA's River View and Brandon Park Project Details Page

Vista Montana

aka: 55 & 81 Vista Montana -- Vista Montana @ Tasman @ N 1st.

Status: Under Construction

Acres: 12.1 acres, including one 5-acre park, one 1-acre park

Units: 998 units

Leasing Website: and

Details: RONA's Vista Montana Project Details Page


aka: Montague Expwy @ Guadalupe River

Status: Construction permit expired

Acres: 11.19

Units: 527 units and 4223 sqft retail

Details: RONA's Hyundai Project Details Page


aka: 1st & Tasman aka 3655 North First St.

Status: Under Construction

Permit: H13-001

Acres: 9.4

Units: 1.1 million square feet of office/R&D, 10-story office tower with 7-story parking garage, LEED Gold


North San Jose Taskforce

The taskforce is a 21-member body comprised of neighborhood, corporate, and developer representatives. They will be responsible for producing a neighborhoods master plan that advises and supports staff efforts on the preparation of an implementation plan. This plan is intended to guide the design and construction of parks, schools, retail, public safety, and community serving amenities. The effort will include the selection of potential sites for public amenities and identification of funding mechanisms to acquire the site.

Other Planning Notes

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