Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs

Alumni Affairs:

The Alumni Affairs Committee shall be responsible for maintaining a connection between the Chapter and the Campuses of The Pennsylvania State University, as well as The Penn State Alumni Association. The Alumni Affairs Committee shall report on opportunities for interaction between the Chapter and University events.

Community Service:

The Community Service Committee shall serve as a liaison between the Chapter and Non-Profit community service organizations for the purpose of providing Chapter members an opportunity to assist in community projects. The Chairman and committee shall be responsible for the planning of activities to provide support or services to the community, and any other program or project as chosen by the Board.

Events Trips:

The Chapter Events/Trips Committee shall assure that the schedule of activities consists of a well-rounded series of events designed to promote all aspects of Penn State?s educational program including scholastic, athletic, and cultural activities and to support Penn State?s efforts to recruit outstanding students. The committee shall also be responsible for planning all trips to home or away sporting events, and other trips as determined by the Board.


The Membership Committee shall maintain complete records of all members of the Chapter, and plan any recruitment events for new membership, and disseminate or mail out membership cards.

Media Relations:

The Media Relations Committee shall work with the Penn State Office of Public Information, through the local media, to inform the public of notable Penn State achievements and accomplishment of its students, faculty, and alumni. The Chairman shall serve as the Chapter?s liaison to the media. The committee shall be responsible for all publicity of Chapter through the Television, Radio, and Press media.