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CUNY Diff Geom Seminar Fall 2015

CUNY Graduate Center

Differential Geometry Seminar

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In Fall 2015, we meet on Thursdays 2:45-3:45 pm in room 6496, unless otherwise noted. The organizers of this seminar are Professors Christina Sormani, Luis Fernandez and Neil Katz.  Please email Prof Sormani to schedule a guest speaker. We expect this semester to primarily have group members present to each other rather than having outside guest speakers.  We are very small with a few faculty on sabbatical.   The CUNY Graduate Center is located at 365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street, diagonally across the street from the Empire State Building, just two blocks from Penn Station (NYC).

Fall 2015:

  • Thursday October 1: Christine Breiner (Fordham) ``Gluing Constructions for CMC surfaces''
  • Thursday October 8: Sajjad Lakzian (Fordham) "The Geometry of Lower Dimensional RCD(K,N) spaces" 
  • Thursday October 15: Mike Munn (NYU)  "On the classification of closed CD^*(K,3)-Alexandrov spaces"
  • Thursday October 22: Handan Yildirim (Istanbul and Michigan State) "On Slant Geometry"
  • Thursday October 29: (start at 3pm) Josef Dodziuk (Queens and CUNYGC) "Surjectivity of the Combinatorial Laplacian"
  • Thursday November 5:  Shiping Liu (Durham) "Cheeger constants and Eigenvalue ratios of the Laplacian"
  • Thursday November 12:  Dan Lee (Queens and CUNYGC) 
  • Thursday November 19: Caner Koca (City Tech) "Einstein Maxwell Metrics on Ruled Surfaces" 
  • Thursday November 26: Thanksgiving
  • Thursday December 3: Ruobing Zhang (Princeton) "Quantitative Nilpotent Structure and Regularity of Collpased Einstein Manifolds"