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 PA/PTA President/Representatives are required to attend these monthly meetings. 
If a President/Representative cannot attend, you must send your alternate. 
Representative/Alternate's are appointed and approved at your election meeting and filled out on your Election Certification Form. 

Representatives/Alternate's do not have to be an Executive Board Member.


 2017-2018 Presidents' Council Meeting Dates 

Tentative Schools

All meetings are at 6:00 PM

Thursday, September 14th at PS 121

Thursday, October 12th at PS 288

Thursday, November 9th at PS 216

Thursday,  December 14th at PS 212

Thursday, January 11th at PS 101

Thursday, February 8th at PS/IS 225

Thursday March 8th at PS 215

Thursday, April 12th at PS 97

Thursday, May 10th  at PS 177

Thursday, June 14th at PS/IS 226


                   Date/School may change due to school closings, religious holidays and weather.   

                                                             Please share this information with your Executive Board and your Principal to avoid conflicts.