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José Martí

El Maestro de las Américas

Consulting Educational and Communications Expert
Trends in Education

Learning changes the brain

"Pensar es servir"

Every mind is creative
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José Martí exemplifies the intellectual activist. He believed that by thinking for ourselves, thinking creatively, and working together, we can transform ourselves, our social conditions, our nations, and the world. He is also America’s consummate writer and poet. His prose seamlessly combines factual information and figurative language, rationality and intuition. He speaks to people’s souls and intellects and moves their passions. Martí life and work continue inspire leaders, mobilize the people, and convey truth in the service of self-development, freedom, justice, and dignity for everyone. “Con todos y para el bien de todos.” With all and for the good of all.

For more about Martí, read The Politics of Letters: José Martí’s Revolutionary Discourse. Doctoral Thesis, University of Toronto, 2006.