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Nothing's better than a garden

when we're looking for a way

and truly have something to say

that should never be forgotten.

It's not just about the flowers.

Beautiful though they well may be

they would not be half so pretty

were it not for April showers.

And way before the flowers show

a gardener has to plant the seed

and tug away at every weed

to give a seedling room to grow.

Yet all that work would be a waste

if first the tilling and the hoeing

that anticipates the growing

had not already taken place.

Nothing's better than a garden

when we're looking for a way

and truly have something to say

that should never be forgotten.











It floats to me

softly, sweetly, truly

gently lighting on my brow

warmly choosing me

I close my eyes

and receive the gift

Lucas and Evie fell into each other

he for certain from homelessness and hunger

but after everyone she had rejected

it was entirely unexpected

that he would find in her a haven.

She's on the rebound, her friends surmise

unable to account for the surprise

of how he got in there so fast

though it surely will not last

it's just her hormones misbehaving

The wise

learn to question

what is the person


why is the person


who talks and talks

and talks

Love cherishes

nurtures nourishes

glows burns

aches yearns

longs to be

Silly love songs

make you think it's love

because you're mooning in your head

and falling over lyrics at every turn.

Is it love? Is it real?

Or is time to come to your senses.

Love is true

until it dies

from secrets, lies

and other


Quietly she

closes the door

gently again

he knocks

to remind her

of his presence

Quietly she

closes the door

loudly again

he bangs

to remind her

of his presence

Dr. Jekyll

beautiful, elegant

returns home every day

to a family that dreads

his inevitable

transformation to

Mr. Hyde






She watches stunned

as his leg shoots forward


in front of the child

running into the open space

Stumble, pain, blood, tears

She reaches over.

Stay away!

Don't interfere!

I can look after him!

He's my son!


A life postponed

A son betrayed

Mirror check

Her circle of unlettered friends


make her unattractive

kill joy, spoil sport, bush woman

unable to communicate

selfish, self-centered

self-absorbed, martyr

inhospitable, callous

unsympathetic, uncaring

fault-finding, indifferent

negative, unsupportive

a career roadblock

when she’s emotional, “too breathless”

when she’s not, “too cold”

Her faults

by his calculation

are heavy indeed!

Copyright 2012 Pamela Barnett