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An educator by profession, my academic interests are wide-ranging. I'm currently focused on designing and developing curricula informed by current research and best practices. Recently, my principal research topics have been online learning, neuroplasticity, and plasticity-based curricula and teaching practices. Future projects will focus on developing eLearning courses in Latin American Studies.

My academic credentials include a B.Ed. and a Doctorate from the University of Toronto, and Ontario Teacher Certification. My doctoral thesis, "The Politics of Letters--José Martí's Revolutionary Discourse," critiques the work of this nineteenth century poet, essayist, journalist, pensador, revolutionary, and visionary who is revered in Cuba, honoured in the Americas, and celebrated in Spanish-language academic and cultural institutions throughout the world.

A humanist, José Martí believed in the potential for human development as an inherent characteristic, and in the dignity and equality of rights of every individual, as inalienable entitlements. This is the domain of education, which enables an individual's personal growth and development toward self-awareness, self-fulfillment, and responsible citizenship in democratic societies.

Education systems are not neutral. Learners must engage actively in learning, and must link learning to action, to achieve personal growth and social change. This belief informs my work developing the relevant curricula and innovative approaches to learning, my engagement with students and colleagues, and my writing.

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