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Word and Mind

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"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer.

It sings because it has a song." Maya Angelou

We sing in our true voices when we are authentic.

We are true when we don't delude ourselves, hide who we are, or avoid self-awareness.

We are who we are on the inside. We are not the roles we perform on the changing stages of our lives.

When we know and embrace our genuine selves, we express ourselves sincerely.

Pamba Space is the creative interplay of word and mind, rationality and intuition, truth and fiction.

Ask Pamba organizes the topics and interests that direct content curation on neuroplasticity and education topics, as well as social, political, environmental and global issues.

Ask Pamba Blog reflects my commitment to ongoing renewal and collaboration in all areas of education and learning.

iPamba Blog shares insights, clarifies the mind, feeds the soul - because life happens.

Pambacom Blog connects education to the world and workplace, sharing information and creative insights on leadership, innovation, and paradigm shifts.

Word and Mind is the product of experience and imagination. The inventive pieces are as true as life.

Pamba Communications is words at work, because work makes all else possible.

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