Section S: Spoof Articles

Do you prefer to read jocular, mathematically unsound nonsense over serious coverage of large numbers? If so, you've come to the right place. Enjoy these joke articles that I released on holidays!

S.1. The Phenomenon of Conway Drift (April Fools Day 2015)

Under certain, highly specific conditions, Conway's chain arrow notation experiences bizarre, irrational behavior known as Conway drift. Here, I examine what that is and how infuriatingly difficult it is to make sense of.

S.2. Pointless Jolly Christmas Stuff: The Googology of Santa's Second Elfing (Christmas 2015)

There are tons of surprising connections between Santa Claus (who is very much real) and important figures and concepts in googology. In this article, I dive into the paradoxical mysteries of how he can deliver presents to billions of children annually for hundreds of years and provide hope that one day the entire world will believe in him again.