Mar 4, 2016


In the past several months, I haven't been updating this site as much as I used to. I'll be perfectly frank here and spit it out: I've gotten kind of bored of googology, not really feeling like working on it all that much. That's why I'm putting my site on what I'll call soft hiatus.

What is soft hiatus? It's a term I coined for an intermediate state of a project between being active and on hiatus. I haven't been updating my site that frequently, and when I do, it'll often just be an apology for no updates. Though I'm by no means shutting down work on this site entirely. If I do feel like working on this site, then I will do some work on it, and when I've hit a substantial point of progress on something, I'll post an update. The thing is, there's no guarantee of regular updates. We'll see how updates of this site turn out during this soft hiatus.

Why exactly have I gotten bored of googology, you may ask? It eventually stopped being all that interesting to me, and I'm not alone among the regular contributors to the googology community; many feel disinterested in topics that were once invigorating, either focusing only on other aspects of googology or being bored of it entirely. Getting bored of something is what eventually happens to most of my interests. I feel guilty giving up an "intelligent" topic, but at the same time, there's not that much new stuff going on in googology, mostly people posting repetitive recursive notations online. As I said in my last announcement, I've lost most of my interest in those kinds of notations.

Putting this site on soft hiatus implies that I'll return to being active later, which begs the question, when'll the soft hiatus end? I think it's fairly likely that at some point I will once again feel motivated to work on my site. Once again, this is something that's happened to some of my interests, returning after a year or two without interest. The point is, if at some point I get back to regularly working on this site, that's when the soft hiatus would end.

I'm once again sorry, but losing interest in things is kind of a thing that happens. Be sure to keep an eye out for when I do post good updates, but don't expect particularly fast production.

—Cookie Fonster