Feb 1, 2015


Hello again readers of this site. I've decided that it would be a good idea to start doing monthly announcements, one on the first day of every month. So what plans do I have for this website that differ significantly from my plans a month ago? Well, let's take a look at what I planned a month ago, on the beginning of 2015:

I'm not too far from done with parts 1 and 2, and in January and February I will hopefully finish both parts. Here's what I still haven't finished in those parts:

- article in part 1 on large numbers in probability

- coverage of Bowers' and Knuth's -illion schemes

- review pages for parts 1 and 2

That's it (unless I decide to add some more articles to those parts)!

Of all these listed above, I have finished my article on large numbers in probability and covering Bowers' -illions. But that's not the end of the story - as it turns out I did indeed decide to add more articles to parts 1 and 2 (speaking of which I am considering renaming them to sections). Specifically, an article on extensions to Conway chain arrows, and as well I'd like to finish my sub-article to my page 2.7 (googological prefixes and suffixes) on Joyce's strange googo- and googolple- system. That article was actually the very first page I created on this website, and it is still yet to be finished. I'm going to make that part of my plan of finishing parts 1 and 2, which is (in order):

- release article on Knuth's -yllions

- review page for part 1

- article on extensions to Conway chain arrows

- finish the googo- and googolple- sub-article

- review page for part 2

I will probably get all those listed above done by March. But there's one additional important note I'd like to make, specifically the section "My Own Googology".

Lately I've been considering dissolving "My Own Googology" from being its own section, and moving the articles in it to different places. My plans for that are:

- my alphabetical hierarchy notation will probably be discussed together with the other notations and functions in sections 3 and later

- my extensions to SI prefixes will probably become a subpage of part 2 of my number list

- the "numbers I coined" page will probably be merged with my number list

And I'm not sure about "how I discovered googology", though I may just merge the information given there with the "About the Author" section on the homepage.

When will I do all these changes to the "My Own Googology" section? Probably after I finish up parts 1 and 2. After that point my site's layout may look something like:

- Introduction

- Part 1

- Part 2

- Part 3 (upcoming)

- Part L (the Pointless Gigantic List of Numbers)

- Older updates, additional links, whatever else

That's about it for this monthly update. Stay tuned for the updates I'm planning for this month!

- Cookie Fonster