Using the MCC18 Compiler with the book examples

The links below are to ZIP archives that contains the book's C examples modified to be compatible with both the HI-TECH PICC18 and Microchip MCC18 compilers. Most compatibility changes are captured in a header file, so the clarity of the code examples have not been compromised. If you are having trouble deciding which compiler to user, this may help you in evaluating the pros/cons of each one. The document attached to the ZIP archive details the differences between the two compilers, and the alterations to the book examples.

The ZIP archive was updated November 2005 to be compatible with MCC18 compiler version 3.00 and later.

The code examples printed in the book are compatible with the HI-TECH PICC18 compiler.

  • ZIP archive of modified code examples (old, MCC18 V3.0)
  • ZIP archive of modified code examples (new, for MCC18 3.02 and later, also has examples for PIC18F2420).
  • PDF document explaining code changes, also discusses use of the HI-TECH version (V9.50) and use of the PIC18F2420.