SSCET links

Shown in the presentation:
  1. Socrative (use room sscet) provides a free web-based clicker (audience response system).
  2. The first two minutes of the chapter 9, part 2 video covers change notification interrupts. This is one of the many videos from ECE3724, an introductory course on microprocessors are based on the textbook Microcontrollers: From Assembly Language to C Using the PIC24 Family.
  3. ZoomIt is a free utility to zoom and draw on your screen.
  4. QuantAsylum's QA100 PC-based oscilloscope/logic analyzer provides an inexpensive (~$300 for 10 or more) method to incorporate essential lab instrumentation into the classroom.
  5. Collabedit allows people to collaborate on writing code using just a web browser.
  6. Camtasia provides excellent screen recording capabilities.
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Bryan Jones,
Oct 26, 2012, 9:58 AM