Breakout board for 64-pin PIC24 CPUs

The picture above shows a breakout board for 64-pin members of the PIC24H/F microcontrollers. This board is modeled after the Sparkfun mini-bully breakout board, except that through-hole parts are used for easier soldering since more space is available. The board below has a PIC24HJ128GP506 mounted on it, but the board layout is compatible with other devices such as the PIC24HJ64GP506, PIC24FJ128GA006, and PIC24FJ64GA006. We developed this board for senior design teams that needed a higher pin-count device than the Sparkfun mini-bully. The board plugs into a standard dual-panel breadboard (straddles the power rails). The CPU can programmed with via the PICKit2 header or by a serial bootloader.

    • ZIP archive that contains the Eagle schematic/pcb/library files.