PIC18 Captone Projects

There are three capstone projects in Chapter 14 of the book.

The first project implements audio record/playback and is suitable for a single lab experiment. It is supported by the protoboard using the audio jack for input/output, the EEPROM for storage of digitized voice samples, and the MAX517 DAC for playback.

The second project is a home monitoring system with temperature sensing, real-time clock, and motion detection. An LCD is used for display.

The third project is a small autonomous robot that uses a three-wheeled chassis and the DC motors from a Lego's Mindstorms kit. The images below show the robot PCB and a movie of the robot in action. The robot can be controlled by IR using a universal remote, or can operate in autonomous mode using a range sensor for obstructions. While in autonomous mode, the robot still accepts direction commands via IR.

Complete schematics and source code for all three projects are in the book.