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Text packet for Classical Music

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Classical Artist Publicity projects

Instruction sheet to the left.

What do people like about the music they listen to?

Do different styles of music have different “values” or aesthetics? Do aesthetics change over time?

In this project, you must promote an upcoming concert by a Baroque, Classical, or Romantic era artist. You need to study the piece of music that will be performed at the concert, and you will need to learn about the aesthetics of the time period in order to promote the ideas in the music. Sell the concert by advertising the things that Baroque audiences would like to hear (or Classical or Romantic era audiences).

Create an Instagram page and a radio commercial for your composer's music.

The project will be due May 24, 2019

Gio Gabrielli Instagram

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Example Instagram page for Giovanni Gabrieli

A Baroque composer. To start your project:

  1. Click "file"
  2. Click "Make a copy" (You must be logged in to do this)
  3. Name the file with your composer's name and your first and last name

Student projects


Sacred Music Website Projects

Instruction sheet to the right

Create a website that analyzes one style of religious music, researches its history, and analyzes the means used to create emotion in that type of music.

Example Website:

Use to create your own site.

Sacred Music website project.docx

Film Score Projects

For this project, you will need to add music to a short movie scene. You must write music for the scene that expresses the emotions in the scene, explaining how your choices of elements of music express these emotions.

Your final project will be an audio track made in Garage Band or Presonus Studio One. Your song must last one minute and express three different moods, emotions, or feelings. You will also write written explanations of how your music expresses these emotions. Share the presentation with

Spring 2019 Project Examples

Film Score project 2.docx

Legacy Projects

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