Concert Band 2/3/4 Syllabus

Room C206

Class Description

This music course is designed to introduce new skills and provide the student with ensemble techniques and listening skills, and help the student develop concert band music repertoire at the intermediate to proficient level.

Students enrolled in Concert Band 3 and 4 will also develop techniques and repertoire at the proficient and advanced levels.


Students are expected to behave appropriately in class. The following behavior is appropriate:

1. Be Prepared

Bring materials to class, practice music for class, be in full uniform.

2. Be Punctual

Be on time for class, turn in assignments on time.

3. Be Polite

Speak respectfully to adults and other students, wait respectfully while others are speaking.

4. Be Positive

Keep an open mind about other people, schoolwork, and yourself.

Students are otherwise expected to adhere to all behavior guidelines for Phelps ACE. Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment that students use as part of Concert Band, breaking behavior expectations may result in the loss of equipment use privileges.

Required Materials

Students should bring the following items to class every day:

● Instrument (locker key and all equipment for that instrument.)

● Music (students will be provided with a folder, a music book and sheets of music)

● Two pencils (NOT pens)

Late Work

Late work will NOT be accepted. Students who miss class due to an excused absence will be allowed to make up work in accordance with DCPS absence policies. Students are responsible for picking up the assignment in class or online.


End of course grade: 80% of students’ end of course grade will be course assignments, 10% will be a midterm exam at the end of the second advisory, and 10% will be their final exam.

Concert Band is a performing arts class, so performances are mandatory. Students who are participating in Marching Band must attend all football performances and all other performances. All other students must attend all concert band performances only

Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis. Songs and musical material will be assigned on Monday/Tuesday. Students will be responsible for mastering this material and recording themselves playing or singing it by Friday each week. Students must call the classroom phone and record the assignment as a voicemail. The classroom phone number is 202-417-8396.

Attendance at Marching Band practice fulfills that week’s homework requirement.

Course Outline

In this class, we will study the following units:

Unit 1: Audiation/Notation Review – Hearing and comprehending music for which the sound is not present

Unit 2: Improvisation – Creating music ad-hoc, based on given musical structure

Unit 3: Technique Fundamentals – All of the intermediate scales and all rudiments

Unit 4: Expression – Using dynamics and phrasing to add expression to music

Unit 5: Articulation and Expressive Devices – Articulations, trills, grace notes

Unit 6: Sight Reading - Reading intermediate music ad-hoc

Unit 7: Composition – Writing music

Unit 8: Extended Technique – advanced scales and meters

Academic Integrity

Your best work in this class is very important. I only want to see YOUR work, not anyone else’s work. I have no tolerance for cheating. Any student cheating on an assignment will receive NO CREDIT on that assignment and will have a conference with the teacher and/or school administrators.

Responsibility for Equipment

Students are financially responsible for all equipment checked out to them from the Instrumental Music Department. At the end of their enrollment in this class, students must return all equipment that was checked out to them in the same condition in which they received it. Students will be financially responsible for the repair or replacement of damaged or lost/stolen equipment.