Guitar Lab 1 Syllabus

Room C206

Class Description

This music course is designed to introduce students to basic music fundamentals and history through guitar skill development. Students learn familiarization with the fret-board, left and right hand coordination, note reading skills, scales, basic guitar literature, and the history of music through the guitar.

This course may be used to satisfy graduation requirements for music.


Students are expected to behave appropriately in class. The following behavior is appropriate:

1. Be Prepared

Bring materials to class, practice music for class, be in full uniform.

2. Be Punctual

Be on time for class, turn in assignments on time.

3. Be Polite

Speak respectfully to adults and other students, wait respectfully while others are speaking.

4. Be Positive

Keep an open mind about other people, schoolwork, and yourself.

Students are otherwise expected to adhere to all behavior guidelines for Phelps ACE. Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment that students use as part of Guitar Lab, breaking behavior expectations may result in the loss of equipment use privileges.

Required Materials

Students should bring the following items to class every day:

· Music (students will be provided with a folder, a music book and sheets of music)

· Two pencils (NOT pens)

· Two guitar picks

Late Work

Late work will NOT be accepted. Students who miss class due to an excused absence will be allowed to make up work in accordance with DCPS absence policies. Students are responsible for picking up the assignment in class or online.


Each advisory will be graded according to the following categories.

Guitar Lab I is a performing arts class, so performances are mandatory.

Course Outline

In this class, we will study the following units:

Advisory 1: Playing chords

Unit 1: Audiation – playing chords that require one finger, simple chords, strumming patterns, bass notes

Unit 2: Open chords – playing chords at the top of the neck, chord progressions

Advisory 2: Reading music

Unit 3: Tablature – reading music, pentatonic scales

Unit 4: Scales and riffs – major and minor scales and popular guitar melodies

Advisory 3: Moveable Chords

Unit 5: Barre Chords – Moveable chord shapes, articulations, dynamics

Unit 6: Finger style – arpeggiating chords using fingers

Advisory 4: Composition

Unit 7: Composition – Writing music

Academic Integrity

Your best work in this class is very important. I only want to see YOUR work, not anyone else’s work. I have no tolerance for cheating. Any student cheating on an assignment will receive NO CREDIT on that assignment and will have a conference with the teacher and/or school administrators.

Responsibility for Equipment

Students are financially responsible for all equipment checked out to them from the Instrumental Music Department. At the end of their enrollment in this class, students must return all equipment that was checked out to them in the same condition in which they received it. Students will be financially responsible for the repair or replacement of damaged or lost/stolen equipment.