Room S206

Course Description – U14

This music course is designed to enhance and encourage the aesthetic appreciation of music in students. With emphasis on the affective elements of music, students will develop competencies in discriminatory listening, form analysis, and cross/cultural comparisons. It will begin with music from the period of Bach (or before) and continue up to the present contemporary trends, including rap music.

This course may be used to satisfy graduation requirements for music.

Classroom Expectations

Students are expected to behave appropriately in class. The following behavior is appropriate:

1. Be Prepared

Bring materials to class, bring completed homework to class, be in full uniform.

2. Be Punctual

Be on time for class, turn in assignments on time.

3. Be Polite

Speak respectfully to adults and other students, wait respectfully while others are speaking.

4. Be Positive

Keep an open mind about other people, schoolwork, and yourself.

Students are otherwise expected to adhere to all behavior guidelines in the Phelps ACE Student Handbook.

Required Materials

Students are required to have the following items to use in class EVERY DAY:

· Two pens (or pencils)

· Notebook (for notes!)

· 3-ring binder or folder to keep classwork and papers

· Textbook


End of course grade: 45% of students’ grade will be their first advisory grade, 45% will be their second advisory grade, and 10% will be their final exam.

Students will receive grades based on the work they complete in class and at home. Grades are based on mastery of class standards. Each assignment will be graded on a five-point rubric. Detailed rubrics for assessments will be distributed during the semester. Here is a general rubric for assignments:

Course Units

In this course, we will study the following units:

Unit 1: Elements of Music/Notation (tempo, meter, instrumentation, melody, texture, reading and writing music)

Unit 2: Sacred Music (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam)

Unit 3: Classical (Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras)

Unit 4: American Music Jazz (Traditional Jazz, Swing, Bebop, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, Pop, etc.)

Each unit will end with a unit test. All units include quizzes. All units will include a project.

Academic Integrity

Your best work in this class is very important. I only want to see YOUR work, not anyone else’s work. I have no tolerance for cheating. Any student cheating on an assignment will receive NO CREDIT on that assignment and will have a conference with the teacher and/or school administrators.