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Practice Charter


Health care is a partnership between patients and the practice. We both need to help each other so that you can receive the finest possible care.

The practice sees over 30,000 patients a year. To allow us to give each one the best requires a commitment from us all.

OUR PROMISE:- We will provide you with the best possible practice services free of charge. We will treat you with consideration and courtesy whatever your age, sex, race or illness.


We will provide a waiting room that is clean, comfortable and warm.

Confidentiality and privacy

We will keep your records and everything learned about you during your consultation confidential. Your privacy will be respected at all times.


We will allow you to read your own medical records and any reports written about you by the practice.

Health promotion

We will provide appropriate health promotion and advice.


We will ensure that all practice staff are properly trained and committed to keeping up to date. We are proud of our reputation as a training practice. Every year a fully qualified doctor who is new to general practice works with us to improve patient care. Occasionally we may ask you to allow your consultation to be video recorded. You may of course refuse.


We will run an appointment system to shorten any waiting time in the surgery. We will try to keep to time but please bear with us as emergencies do occur and no system can predict exactly when they will happen. Demand in general practice can vary greatly without warning. We will always try to provide extra appointments when demand is heavy. If the doctor is called out of surgery in an emergency we will inform you of any likely delay to your appointment. We employ locums for holiday cover at our own cost.

Medical emergencies

We will see all medical emergencies on the day that they occur. (A medical emergency is a painful or life threatening condition).


We will visit any patient at home who is unable to attend the surgery for medical reasons.

Repeat prescriptions

We will have repeat prescriptions ready for collection or post within 2 working days.


We will make an appointment for you as quickly as possible if the doctor thinks that a second opinion would be helpful.

Complaints and suggestions

We will investigate fully and respond sympathetically to any complaints about the services that we provide. Mrs Karen Thomas, our practice manager, handles all complaints. Please feel free to write to her. Suggestions as to how we may improve our services are always welcome. The practice runs a Practice Reference Group (PRG) made up from any patient who wishes to be a member of the group. The group is consulted on any changes the practice proposes and any surveys they conduct.



Please telephone or call in to make appointments on 01708 347105. You may phone between 9.00 am - 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm weekdays except Thursday when the times are 9.00 am - 11.00 am. Please let us know is you cannot keep an appointment as someone else may be able to use it. We also provide a 24 hour automated appointment system.


Only come without an appointment if you have a medical emergency. An emergency is either a painful or life threatening condition. Needing a sick certificate is not an emergency. Problems that have been present for a long time are not emergencies.

Repeat prescribing

Try not to run out of all your tablets before ordering new ones.


For the results of investigations please phone between 12.30 pm -2.00 pm on 01708 343113.


If you have a medical condition that prevents you from attending the surgery we will visit. To request a home visit please phone on 01708 343113 before 10.00 am, if possible. We are not required to visit you because of transport problems. Remember the doctor can see four people in the surgery in the time required to undertake one home visit. Children with a temperature come to no harm by being brought to surgery.

Night visits

Night visits are for extreme emergencies only. The doctor you see may have already been working 20 hours and will have to work the next day.

Change of circumstances

Please let us know if you move house or change your name. This makes it easier for us to contact you.


We will remove from our list any patients who are rude, violent or abusive to our staff.

Look after yourself

Minor Illness

Many illnesses go away by themselves without treatment. There is no need to consult the doctor for coughs and colds. Try the advice given in the practice leaflet for a few days first. We do not believe in prescribing for these conditions as it does not make you get better any quicker.

Most diarrhoea and vomiting will stop within 48 hours if you stop eating. You can treat earache at night in a child with CaIpol and bring them to the surgery the next day.

Keep Healthy

Try and take regular exercise. Do not smoke. Women should keep below 14 units of alcohol per week and men below 21 units (one unit is equal to 1/2 pint beer, 1 glass wine, I pub short). Keep to a low fat diet. Help us to keep you well by coming for your cervical smears and immunisations when requested.