New Malkin Tower?

Go out of Barley (towards Downham) and road turns up left; take right hand / straight on (Concessionary Bridle Path) and go up a few hundred yards toward to the Moss Reservoirs. Take first track/road down to left and follow through few houses and a gate to archeological site.

A house dating from the relevant period has been uncovered.under a mound of soil below Moss Reservoir. The skeleton of a cat has been found in a space behind a wall.

Archeological site in shadow of Pendle

The unearthed building

Is this the Malkin Tower, where the friends and relatives of Chattox and Demdike met on Good Friday to see what they could do for the four already on their way to Lancaster Assizes? It is certainly in the right area and right direction. Are there any records/names of the house prior to being covered in soil relatively recently (judging by the grate in one room?

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However the situation of the Malkin Tower shows the debates going on regarding what happened to these poor people, called 'witches'. Latest search for Malkin Tower 2018