Pendle 'Witch' Trial Trail


Take this Pendle 'Witch' Trial Trail in the shadow of Pendle Hill (above) to the places where lived the key characters in the famous Pendle 'Witch' Trial of 1612. You will notice that the grand mansions of the landed gentry are still here, but the hovels of those accused of witchcraft are harder to find. Our present roads go a long way round than when these people walked the land.


The infamous Pendle Witchs Trial took place at Lancaster in 1612. Hence the logo on the hill! The events described here took place just a few years after Guy Fawkes had tried to blow up parliament and Shakespeare had written Macbeth for James 1. There surely was 'bubble, bubble, toil and trouble'. Paranoia was rife and royal. It led to 10 people local to Pendle Forest, being executed in August 1612 at Lancaster prison.

'Imagine how they might have spent their final four months in captivity whilst awaiting trial' See TAKEN set in Clitheroe Castle, on their way to Lancaster.

Fact File Have a look at the Background issues.

Read Carol Ann Duffy's poem commemorating the events 400 years previously

When you drive round, it seems like a long way for walkers. But you have to remember in those days there were no private boundaries as the land had not been enclosed. So these people could walk in straight lines - when the events then do not seem so far apart.

We reckon that this trial trail will take you most of a leisurely day (we will give you a short cut if you only have half a day). As you go round you can collect points for seeing signs of the past (2pts) and actual remnants from the time (5pts). There are lots of places to stop off and have a drink to discuss your findings. We will signpost interesting spots as we go round.

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