3 Higham

Carry on along the By-Pass for a few hundred yards, then turn towards Higham (53"49'25.38N 2"17'30.92 W)

Above, looking from Higham over where Chattox lived.

In the village you cannot miss the Four Alls Inn.

'Four Alls' stands for:

The King rules for all

The Priest prays for all

The Soldier fights for all

The Ordinary Man pays for all

The history of the Inn says

"Higham and the Four Alls Inn are mentioned in the infamous Pendle Witch story. One of the witches, “Chattox” was accused of turning the beer sour at the Four Alls Inn and bewitching the landlord’s son! "

We can guarantee there are no such complaints now (especially after Michael has taken over). 2pts per pint

The cow died six weeks later.

In Chattox's confession to being a witch, she said that while John Moore's blamed her for turning the ale sour,

'she had been asked by John Moore's wife to amend some sour ale and had tried to do so by reciting a charm but unfortunately the lady was much annoyed that witchcraft had been used. Chattox then directed 'the devil' to bite the head of one of Moore's cows and make it "go mad".

IF YOU ONLY HAVE A HALF DAY!!: Out of pub, turn left and take first on left. Go up Sabden Rd/Back Lane until T junction with Stump Hall Road, Take right and join Step 7 going "along Stump Hall Road".

Lets see where Chattox lived Stage 4