7 Newchurch


Go back up way came, bear first on left, up to X-roads and take left along top for mile or so along Stump Hall Road. At T- junction, turn left along Haddings Lane and follow road now called Well Head Lane for about a mile.along side of the valley. Watch out for quarry (1/2 mile before Newchurch) up on the left hand side - Faugh's Quarry. Park at gate.


The quarry here is where that Elizabeth Demdike claimed to have met her devil. In the stone pit near Goldshaw Booth', the devil came to her as a boy, wearing a brown/black' coat and calling himself 'Tibb'. These manifestations of evil are called 'Familiars' and many of the 'witches' claimed to have them when they were on trial. Find in quarry, where a mason has carved a likeness of Tibb (2pts, and extra 2 for the cross!).

On road, with quarry overlooking towards Moss End & Bull Hole Farms

Trail Carry on for 1/2 mile along the road, to Church and 'Witches Grave' 2pts each

The Church in Newchurch has a famous eye 'to ward off the witches', as many people still think there really real witches about.

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