6 Sabden


Carry on along the Old Roman Road, through some beautiful woodland, taking it carefully along the narrow road. Take 1st on left called Back Lane for a mile or so. Imagine trotting along this road all those years ago, with views to both sides as they seemed to do fo a lot of the novel 'Mist over Pendle' At a crossorads, turn left on Simonstone Road to Sabden.


It is here we start to meet the Nutter family, which included a Henry of Heyhouses, Sabden who felled timber here for a living. It was along this valley from Sabden Fold to Newchurch that many goings on went on. Here lived Hugh Moore, father of John Moore at Higham, who you may remember in Stage 3 had problems with his beer and cows.

It is likely that Sabden would have been the starting point for the journey to Lancaster prison. It may be a nice day out for us, but a heck of a walk over the Nick of Pendle, through Waddington, along the Salt Road to Lancaster. The first four were sent to Lancaster.

When others heard of what was going on with the imprisonment of Chattox & daughter and Alizon Device, there were stirrings. They who lived round here decided to gather together to see what they could do. But many of them ended up going to Lancaster too..

Anne Redferne was acquitted on the 1st day of Robert Nutter's death but convicted on the 2nd day of his father's - remember? - who had died about 16 years previously.

Let's see what they did Stage 7