running dog

Lucy, my excitable young dog, spent five days with Martha and was was so much more chill when I picked her up! Not only did she remain sitting in her “place" when we came in (instead of rushing us and jumping/licking/squirming), but when we got back home and came inside to greet the guest dog who was visiting, Lucy even greeted him calmly. Martha helped me see how my puppy is not a crazy maniac at all, just a smart young pup who needs some positive gentle direction to learn how to calm down. A great experience all around. ~ C. S.

Thank you for sending me the Kong training flyer. I've been giving it to people who tell me they are having trouble with their rambunctious dogs. It works! This is a miracle flyer! You have saved me at least 3 dogs from being returned.

THANK YOU!!! ~ Andrea Birkelbach, Founder Houston Pets Alive!

Martha has such an intuitive understanding of the ways to facilitate communication between humans and dogs. I love the emphasis on Positive training using voice in happy playful tones to encourage our dogs to want to learn. Her patience with humans and dogs is beautiful. Martha has generously assisted me in many instances with my rambunctious dog. I am amazed at how well her suggestions work with my dog! I also love understanding how to think more like my dog! Thanks so much Martha! ~ B. G.

When Martha attended John Rogerson's 2006 workshop, my dog, Luna, was the lucky trainee that was assigned to work with her. Throughout the week Martha kept detailed notes describing Luna's behavior and activities. The notes literally brought tears to my eyes because I could just feel the loving way she interacted with my dog and the delight she conveyed when Luna succeeded at her tasks. The notes showed Luna going from a slightly apprehensive dog the first day to a trusting search partner by week's end. ~ Mary