//Rewards-based, Force-Free, Scientifically-based methods that bring results! Experienced educator.//

I apply principles of Tellington TTouch during evaluations and lessons.

These exercises and touches really help people connect with their companions in a gentle way.

Besides being a TTouch Practioner and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, my specialty is "sit and train": dog and people.

I adapted many lessons so that I could be seated in a chair when I had a broken foot.

I still have issues standing for long periods of time, so I teach ways to manage dogs while walking if you have balance issues or are recovering from injuries.

~You too can sit and train during class.~

Teach your dog to relax in a sit when on a leash and sit calmly to greet people. A reliable sit is useful when you walk your dog on a leash or when you are around other dogs. Exercises are designed so owner can sit in a chair and train. Classes will build on the foundation of Sit and Relax on a leash and advance to down, stay in a down and come when called. Along the way your relationship with your dog will grow by using rewards, games and learning other handy information about your pet dog. 1.) Relax and walk on a Leash 2.) Hand Targeting to guide movement 3.) Sit & Down/Stay 4.)Fun and games 5.) Come when called


You don't have to sit, but I adapt and modify methods so they are low impact on handler and dog.

In your home, or nearby; also outdoor training environment on fenced 5 acres

Classes designed to help you build a strong bond with your dog to produce reliable recall and responses to your cues.

I incorporate Scent work in training sessions to give your dog a job to do.

Come forth into the light of things.

Let nature be your teacher. ~ William Wordsworth