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Martha Meacham, Ph.D. CPDT-KA

Professional Dog Trainer in Hays County, Texas: Dripping Springs, Kyle, Wimberley and Driftwood area

~ Experienced Educator for you... ... and your dog.

There is simple science behind my methods:

The behaviors that are reinforced will increase or continue, while behaviors that are not rewarded will decrease.

I am a Practitioner Level 1 in Tellington TTouch Training method .

All my life, I have observed animal behavior from pet dogs, cats and birds to horses, fish, turtles, rabbits and chickens.

What I bring to lessons:

  • Experience and enthusiasm to apply modern scientific methods to change animal behaviors with positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques.
  • Educator of all age levels in developing curriculum and instruction in both public and private learning environments to apply a systematic approach to solve problems.
  • Credentials as a Professional Dog Trainer combined with an advanced degree in Education and Tellington TTouch Training™ practice.

I compete in Nose Work competitions with my White Shepherd to learn more about how to read a dog and to build team work...and because it is so much fun.

To teach children, I learned about behavior modification based on the studies of dogs like Pavlov and Skinner.

I also focus on dog behavior modification and work with dogs and their people.

My career path followed diverse interests related to human behavior in the field of education.

Like Maria Montessori, my educational career began working in special education with young children where I learned to use behavior modification techniques. I know about dog and human behavior.

For several years I have focused on improving relationships between humans and their dogs using the scientific approach of observation and awareness.

My teaching approach is with both heart and mind and has led me to use force-free training methods.

After living with a variety of breeds and mixed breeds, I have built on the training methods I first learned from John Rogerson, world renown dog behaviorist.

I use Tellington TTouch to build trust and confidence within the human and companion dog teams.

I use these methods because they bring results.

Behaviors that are reinforced will increase or continue, while behaviors that are not rewarded will decrease.

I will help you and your family learn about your canine companion and find out what your family companion needs from you to be happy and healthy!

The goal is to communicate what you want to your dog clearly by understanding what your dog needs from you.

American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator # 74754

Association Professional Dog Trainers #70536

Certified Professional Dog Trainer- (CPDT) Knowledge Assessed #2112709

My degrees are in Education (Ph.D) and Anthropology (M.A.)

  • Texas teacher certificate for grades 6-12 in Texas.
  • Volunteer as a foster for Austin German Shepherd Rescue and as trainer for PAWS Shelter in Kyle, Texas.
  • Volunteered to work with Austin Pets Alive! dogs as well.

Join me in learning about your dog and what your family companion needs from you to be happy and healthy!

A full 96% of all dogs relinquished to shelters have had no formal training, according to a study titled “Why Do Pets End Up In Shelters?” (National Council on Pet PopulationStudy and Policy, 1998.) The study found that there is a direct correlation between people surrendering their dogs and the lack of proper socialization and training before being given up to a shelter. ~ Nan Kené Arthur 2009

Dog Trainer since 2006