Basic Overland Survival Course

 The Basic Overland Survival Course is for the person who wishes to venture off into the wilderness and be confident in looking after their basic needs. The course covers in detail the main survival priorities of  water, food, shelter and fire, both personal and vehicle based. The skills learned will remain with you wherever you go, giving you the confidence to venture into areas carrying very little equipment that would otherwise be out of bounds. The course duration is 5 days, consisting of 2 days academic and 3 days practical; the teaching ratio is 1 instructor to 2 students. For your safety the course instructor will also be trained in first-aid to instructor level. On completing the course you will receive a C.D. containing a certificate and full personal course assessment along with all course notes and photos.    


  • The need for survival training.
  • The importance of geography in survival.
  • The decision to stay or go.
  • Being hungry.
  • Taking care of yourself.
  • Water, food, shelter and fire.
  • Making yourself seen.
  • Surviving in different terrains & climates.
  • What to put in a survival kit.
  • Cutting tools and choosing the correct equipment.
  • Survival navigation.
  • Basic knots and rope work.

 All additional equipment that may be required on this course will be supplied at the appropriate time at no extra cost.

Being able to produce fire at will is one of the 
most important survival skills. 

The cost of the Basic Overland Survival Course is: £395.00 (GBP)