Guiding Services

If you're fit and just wish to see the sights, why not use a guide?

After your Overland Professional guide has discussed your thoughts with you, he will plan a route that is safe and manageable; this will be based on your fitness, experience and your appetite for adventure. Your guide will take care of all safety and navigational issues along with offering advice on clothing and equipment. You may also consider using a guide because they will know the area well and will be able to take you to places that you're unlikely to find on your own, such as caves, old mines, fresh water springs, ancient burial grounds and not least, the best places to photograph a spectacular sunrise or sunset. You may feel that you'd just like to venture well beyond your normal limit and would like a guide to ensure that your goal is achieved both safely and enjoyably.

About your Overland Professional guide.

Your Overland Professional guide will be trained in First-Aid to instructor level and will carry a substantial First-Aid kit at all times. He will be at home on all types of mountain terrain and will be capable of dealing with extreme weather conditions safely. Have confidence in his ability and knowledge; he will look after you. Your safety and enjoyment are his prime concern.

Mulhacen summit, Sierra Nevada.

The cost of a guide may not be as much as you think!