Overland Combat Survival Course

The Overland Combat Survival Course is based on the British Special Forces course and may be of use to the adventurer that is likely to wander into parts of the world that may not be quite as civilised as our own. The Basic Overland Survival Course is based on being seen and staying alive until you are rescued or are able to extract yourself, you only need to worry about the problems the wilderness may throw at you. Combat survival on the other hand is quite different; it not only has all the problems associated with normal survival but has all the additional problems of being hunted, often by very motivated and competent people. Many of the survival skills remain the same but are tuned more to not being seen; there are also some additional skills to be covered. The course duration is 5 days, consisting of 2 days academic and 3 days practical. The teaching ratio is 1 instructor to 2 students. On completing the course you will receive a course certificate and full course assessment along with a digital copy of all course notes. For your safety the course instructor will also be trained in First-Aid to instructor level.


  • The usefulness of combat survival training.

  • The importance of geography in combat survival.

  • The mental aspect and being a prisoner.

  • Escaping.

  • When to move and where to go.

  • Moving quietly, moving at night and the importance of not being seen.

  • Lying-up positions.

  • Being tracked, ground sign and top sign.

  • The handler & dog relationship, dog evasion and dealing with attack dogs.

  • Staying out of harm's way.

Remaining invisible when 'lying-up' is an extremely important skill in Combat Survival.

All additional equipment that may be required on this course will be supplied at the appropriate time at no extra cost.

The cost of the course depends on your individual requirements; please contact us for the various options.