Advanced Overland Navigation Course

To secure a place on this course you will have already completed the 5 day Basic Overland Navigation Course. The Advanced Overland Navigation Course looks at the next level of navigation along with the more technical aspects and considerations of planning a route; information on combat navigation is also included. During the previous course we were concerned with the basics of navigation, the nuts and bolts that allow us to navigate wherever we may be in the world. This course takes a look at the bigger picture taking into account all the other things that a good navigator has to plan for. The duration of the course is 2 days and is classroom based as you should now be a good practical navigator and have no difficulty in turning the theory contained here into practice. For your safety the course instructor will also be trained in First-Aid to instructor level.


  • Contouring and skylining.

  • Time & distance.

  • The group.

  • Conditions underfoot.

  • Temperature.

  • Food & water.

  • When to move.

  • When to stay where you are.

  • Staying out of harm's way.

  • Wild camping.

  • The millieme.

  • The view of the Special Forces.

Accurate navigation is essential when moving through terrain such as this in reduced visibility.

Although this is primarily a classroom based course there will be many outdoor practical demonstrations to back-up the theory. The skills that have been accumulated from both courses will make you a formidable overland navigator wherever you may venture.

The cost of the course depends on your individual requirements; please contact us for the various options.