Basic Overland Navigation Course

 The Basic Overland Navigation Course is for the person that wants to venture out on there own or to lead a group; it covers all aspects of basic navigation. The need to know where you are at all times cannot be over stressed. The course duration is 5 days, consisting of 2 days academic and 3 days practical, there will also be 4 hours basic night navigation. The teaching ratio is 1 instructor to 2 students. The instructor will assess your progress throughout the course giving advice and encouragement; by the end of the course you will be able to navigate confidently in poor visibility and be able to give your position accurately using only a map and compass. On completing the course you will receive a C.D. containing a certificate and a full personal course assessment along with all course notes and photos. To attend the Advanced Overland Navigation Course you must have first completed the Basic Overland Navigation Course. 


  • The need for accurate navigation. 
  • Understanding maps and the importance of using the correct terminology.  
  • Understanding and using grids. 
  • Giving a six figure map reference (O.S.G.B.).    
  • Grid Magnetic Angle (G.M.A.) and Grid Convergence Angle (G.C.A.). 
  • Understanding grid bearings, true bearings, magnetic bearings and reciprocal bearings.
  • Using the degree and the millieme.  
  • Using the compass.
  • Basic contouring, handrailing and aiming-off.  
  • Finding your position using the compass. 
  • Using the sun, the moon & the stars.  
  • Using a G.P.S. in conjunction with the compass.      

Learn to navigate accurately in conditions like these.

The cost of the Basic Overland Navigation Course is: £395.00 (GBP)