Professional Instruction

 We provide friendly, professional instruction in the subjects of Overland Navigation, Survival and Combat Survival. Our courses are quite specialised and as such the instructor to student ratio is never greater than 1:2, and often 1:1 on certain courses. Our courses are normally conducted in specially selected parts of the U.K., the location depending on the type of course and also the level of remoteness required. With the instructor/student ratio being as it is, the high personal instruction time ensures that learning is quick, easy and above all, stress free. All courses are based on the mastery of each skill in turn and are not time based in any way; this ensures that should you find a certain skill difficult to master, the instructor will spend more time with you at no additional cost until the correct level of proficiency has been attained.

 All our instructors are 'hands-on'; they've all done it in real-world conditions. This helps in a number of ways, as it's one thing being able to light a fire from a spark in good weather during a demonstration and quite another to be able to get a fire going in soaking wet, miserable, cold conditions when you haven't slept for thirty hours. All the skills can be taught, the difficult part is adopting the correct attitude to the situation; it's this that will keep you alive above all else. Your instructor will guide you through the process of developing this during the course. 

The Importance of Geography

 To state that our Overland Navigation courses involve geography may seem a little obvious; however, it may seem a little less obvious to state the importance of geography in Survival and Combat Survival. This importance is critical and may make the difference between life and death. We continually study the important correlations between geomorphology and our course subjects, this enables us to constantly improve the course content in order to stay at the forefront of outdoor education in these specialist subjects. 


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                    Don Russell FRIN FRGS FRSA
Professional instruction is so important when learning complex new skills.
patient instructor with a passion for those skills makes all the difference,
not only in mastering the skills but also in making the learning 
process an enjoyable adventure. 

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