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George Dorn

Chris Langham, in his shrinking room, meets the Sheriff
Sheriff Jim Cartwright looms over George Dorn in his tiny room...
*  The innocent abroad - George Dorn does seem to have a name echoing The Golden Dawn (G.Dorn).
*  Bob didn't remember whether they had intended any reference to Gerhard Dorn: (according to Wikipedia)
Gerhard Dorn (c. 1530 – 1584) was a Belgian philosopher, translator, alchemist, physician and bibliophile.
Dorn was hostile to the philosophy of Aristotle, with its emphasis upon the material world declaring that "whoever wishes to learn the alchemical art, let him not learn the philosophy of Aristotle but that which teaches the truth".
Dorn's writings were of great interest to the psychologist Carl Jung, enough for him to take Dorn's principal writings with him when traveling to India in 1928. He is one of Jung's most frequently quoted sources upon alchemy.
Toff Philippo's Character List remains an essential reference, but note that the page numbers relate to various editions:

George Dorn  b. ~1952, staff writer for Confrontation, from Nutley, New Jersey, Capricorn, shoulder length blond hair, initiated into LDD by Stella; attended Columbia University where he pursued a liberal-arts curriculum; used to be in SDS and close to Weatherman faction; G&AT uniform of green tunic with tiny golden apple on left breast, tight black trousers, black boots; fashionable cutaway and knee breeches of red velvet with bottle-green stockings