Hail Eris!

From Monday 24 Feb 2014 a dedicated group worked through the book(s) over at Rawillumination.net:  a group reading of Illuminatus! (ten pages a week). 

They completed the read (after a year and a half) and you can find links to all blog posts, comments, etc.here.

Find below an index of stuff on this website, which may well need revising in light of this recent re-read.

Bob Wilson & Bob Shea
 We had most of this material uploaded to the Buddhafart server, as a Wiki, but it received relatively little sensible updating, and a great deal of spam, so I have moved it into this website, hosted by Google.  Please overlook the old-fashioned layouts.   Bogus Magus   Oct 2011 

PS: at the time we got a kind of thumbs up for a Wiki from Icarus!, from Toff Philippo, and from sombunall children of the authors.
If anyone owns copyright to images or words here, and wants them either removed, or to carry an acknowledgement, please contact akabogus@gmail.com
You will find lots of interesting and relevant material at RAWillumination.net, e.g. posts on the fate of the material cut from Illuminatus! or a proposal for a reference book / concordance for The illuminatus! Trilogy